Incoming Changes to Featuring



Oh sorry, I thought you were talking mainly the ‘club’ badge not the badge (I suggest) for feature and I’m very confused right now.

Because a temporary badge shows the story is featured instead of not being notified that the author got featured or having a PM sent to multiple chosen ones? :confused: It was a suggestion and not too serious but I mean a badge to tell the story got featured for up 'til next featured author isn’t that bad.


The badges you are referring to are on Discourse (the clubs) where we are communicating right now and are separate from the W’s that appear next to Wattpad Stars, Ambassadors, and Staff on the main Wattpad website, which is what we were referring to.


Okay. I had no idea that badges originating from interactions in “Discourse” were separate in any way, because they’re all “badges” and they all come from “wattpad.” But if it’s a different system, then I can respect that and shut up about those badges.


Save your money from beta.


Dude, this is ‘features’ not beta? :confused:


Gotta spread the message.


But this is discussion for feature? Spamming is against the club rules, just saying : P


I think the application was the way I got my 2016 book Death by Disney featured (which at the time made my profile 10000% nuts). I’ve submitted one of my completed books, but it’ll be interesting to submit my current book – Death by Disney (rewritten), when I’m able to update consistently (just about to start writing it again woohoo).


Hi Nick! Just read through the thread and honestly love the experimentation going on with the featured list and Wattpad in general tbh. I’ve been here for years, learning, reading and admiring. I love seeing ‘Wattpad books’ go mainstream because a win for one is a win for everyone on the platform.

I have two clarification questions.

a) Are all applications (that meet the minimum requirements) going to be reviewed? I assume the elimination process starts at the logline, summary etc…Is that correct? Meaning some applications can miss being actually read altogether?

b) Regarding the consistent updates thing, I know you mentioned that it was pretty subjective up there somewhere. I was just wondering if a slow start would affect chances of your story being featured? Like updates used to be fairly irregular, but as of late updates have been very good?

Thank you for the updates! Can’t wait to see where this goes.


my updates aren’t 100% regular, i don’t have a schedule/chosen day of the week to upload and i was still chosen. :blush: so not sure how strict this is.


I mean I cannot perfectly guaranteed all applications get reviewed if only because I’m imagining at some point either a bug/error/glitch gets involved or good old human error where two people both think the other one reviewed it happens, if you get what I’m saying.

So there’s no like planned non-review or intentional non-review but I’m sure it’s possible it could happen at some point by accident.

As for the regularity, that’s somewhat subjective. If you have a slow start and then morphed into consistent updates, form a writer behavioural perspective that makes sense. You’re fleshing out some new ideas, not sure if the story will stick, figuring out what you have, then when you got it, you got it and off you go. Wouldn’t penalize you for that.

But it becomes a matter of sample size. If you irregularly updated for your first 12 chapters then regularly for the last 4, that’s a pretty small sample size and it weighs against the prior time. We would then evaluate on our side whether that risk is worth it (maybe look at other stories or your engagement on them to see how consistently you’re around and if this isn’t indicative that your story might fall off the rails again)


Are the changes coming to the Hot List related to the Feature changes or no?


They got a survey up guys!


Have to admit, I was a bit wary pressing on this one after I was neither pleased nor delighted with the last one XD
Still don’t think I helped much with the thriller section since I don’t touch that genre, but perhaps it can help with something…


I agree. Like, I write Teen Fiction but the fact that they didn’t even place the genre in there and put Fantasy and Thriller in there doesn’t really make sense.

In which writers try to write their damn book.

Haha, same. I put romance as the genre I mainly write… I will read a fantasy is if sounds good and have a fantasy book planned out, but thriller…? :joy: No thank you.


I took the survey and was disappointed again. They still mixed the categories if you read the intros.

I don’t normally read Teen Fiction, Fantasy or Thrillers so my responses would still be negative.


So it’s random depending on what you answer in the previous question(s), or it has just some variants :thinking:


I just made a thread on it for feedback


My Hot List I got definitely was different from the others that some users got.