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When I first did the survey last week, I entered ‘Fantasy’ as preferred genre and the list looked pretty relevant. I clicked on it earlier today but entered ‘Paranormal’ and I feel like there was more werewolf-y content on the list they showed me this time.


May I ask what “Story logline (1-2 sentence pitch of who/what/where)” means? lol


You describe what your story is about - So give-
the protagonist
their goal
The conflict

What I did for Matt’s Divorce was - An orphaned teen and his younger sister escape from abusive church run state care but a lovestruck nun decides to tag along - who’s even more naive than they are.

So characters - the teen and his sister
Goal - to get away from ( divorce) the church.
Conflict - a nun has decided to come with them and they don’t trust her.


Hi Nick,

You’ve probably already answered this and I just haven’t seen it, but on the application for the story summary, is it actually a maximum of 300 words total? Just because that isn’t a lot and sounds more like a minimum but I’ll deal with it if it is the maximum! :joy:


Tahlie - I’ll answer as it came up previously in the thread. The 300 words are the max so you just have to give an overview of your story.

Some people will get fewer words in ( See @ZonderZorg earlier in the thread if they have longer, more complex language).


Okay great, thanks Mary!


Soooo, in a nutshell, this feature will help writers find target readers and for readers to discover more books they would love to read???




Just looking at the form:
Primary intended audience: children’s lit, middle grade, young adult, new adult, adult.
What happened to “old adult”?
JK, actually just curious to what age bracket “new adult” is?


Heavily depends on who’re you’re asking - but if you’re asking me, it’s 18-23 (So about college age for Americans)


“New Adult fiction encompasses books that feature protagonists in the 18-25-year-old age range (sometimes this is stretched to 30), and many popular titles feature college students in contemporary settings.”

Found this off the internet. Keep in mind that there’s also NA Fantasy, Mystery, Action, etc! Though New Adult romance is a pretty big thing.


Twenty-something: however, it’s more focused on the lifestage of going to college and starting a career, so you’ll see ages as low as 18 and maybe as high as early 30s


I entered a few genres actually :sweat_smile: “Action, adventure, open FF, and fantasy or sci-fi elements” was something I wrote down :smiley:


Things we have learned!








I am proud to be part of that 3% for Historical Fiction xD


Interesting :scream: So will the featured list reflect those distributions or will it rather put forward the less-frequently seen stuff?

also there is way less submissions than I thought there would be and the x-axis tag intervals on the last graph make no sense


I’ve been too lazy to try to cut my stuff down to the 300 character limit, but I’m proud to say I’d fit in most of those majority for submissions ROFL 1st in a series, I’m female, YA, and Fantasy. Just reminds me how much competition there is for what I write.


Thanks for the insight.

As I saw Who run the world and it’s females, my mind went to Beyonce’s song :joy:

Now can Humor gets some love? We need laughs in this world ~3~


Hmm. Not sure how to feel about the rotating lists being removed. But I do like that the applications are coming back!


When will the applications close?