Incoming Changes to Featuring



I don’t think they will ever close since being featured involves a constantly changing selection of books.


I’m in the 1% spiritual!!

I expected Vampire and Chicklit to be higher. (Although I didn’t enter my 2 chickies - as they do okay on their own so maybe others thought the same and left their chickies out too).


Oh, thank goodness! It’s a lengthy application so I didn’t want to rush filling it out.


What does New Adult mean?


I was lowkey intimidated by the application, so I didn’t bother with it.

New adult fiction, also rendered as new-adult fiction, is a developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18–30 age bracket. Wikipedia


It’s nice to see the data. I was surprised to see how low some genres were. I did submit my story though due to intense peer pressure lol. Will I get picked probably not but that’s fine with me.


Good luck! I’m not submitting anything but can always give :four_leaf_clover: to everyone


Thank you. That’s very sweet of you.


Does Urban Fiction still falls under General Fiction?


I want to know this too!

Edit: It is because there wasn’t a category on the application.


Urban Fiction is a stand alone genre. IMO it isn’t a subgenre to general fiction.


You know I’m not getting into that today :sweat_smile::joy::smirk:


Hey it is the truth! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


super interesting! thank you for sharing, Nick :smile:

i’m interpreting this in an optimistic way. the fact that the stories i submitted fall under the most popular categories depicted in each of the graphs means that yes, there’s a lot of competition, but it also reflects that my intended market is booming. this gives me hope that the odds are good for my books!


You know, that’s such a good way of looking at it. When I saw that many Fantasy applications I was like… “Oh, okay. Yeah, probably not gonna be featured now when the competition is that big and my book isn’t that good.”

But your way is way better. :sparkles:


@Haesel_48 and @MRayL08

Urban Fiction refers to the characters social group and/or environment - so an urban fiction story could fall under any genre - say romance if they fall in love, teen fiction if it’s teen issues/a high school, vampire if one is well -a vampire and so on.

It could also be an adventure, mystery thriller, spiritual or fantasy - depending on what your plot is about.

If it’s a family saga affair - general fiction is the place but it might belong in another genre either.

However be sure and show in the synopsis how your story is Urban Fiction and also perhaps highlight it in what makes your story unique. #weneeddiversebooks


that was my knee jerk reaction too! but to be honest there’s always a positive side and when i paused and thought it through i found it.

i want to choose to focus on that :grin:


I love that and I’m gonna follow your example :blush: :sunny:


So because the characters are Black does it means that’s its automatically Urban? I thought it was the setting or subjects or lifestyles of the characters that made it Urban. I’m really trying to figure out what it really means because I get so many different definitions. My MCs are Black but I don’t consider my work to be Urban.



i don’t always succeed but i always try :wink: