Incoming Changes to Featuring



I don’t know how much there were exactly, but I can see that there were about 600 people who clicked the link to the application (there were two links, so I just added the two numbers up). Hope this helps!


If that final graph is anything to go by, approx. 250–300 (probably more towards the lower end of that range).


That’s quite a big number. I read in another forum there was about 600 clicks on both links (one in the thread and one in the announcement) :slight_smile:


600 clicks doesn’t mean they applied. I know I clicked on it once to check it out and once for someone who wanted to know where the form was and once to bookmark it. But I didn’t apply.


Same. I’ve clicked on it a couple of times but haven’t applied. My summary is too long and havent been up for trying to edit it down for this so I’ve just starred fondly at the form :rofl:


One of my stories isn’t finished yet, so I didn’t write the ending in the summary. Is that okay?


From the last graph you could guess a rough number because it’s the total number of stories on the vertical. So for example, approx. 1 story for age 10, 1 story for age 12, …, 45 stories for age 17, 45 stories for age 18, …, 1 story for age 62. Add them all and it will give you a rough number. The x-axis doesn’t have regular intervals so I assume one bar represents one age, whatever that age is.


Can the story be incomplete and still get featured? Cause I remember seeing some different stories on WP that have been featured and are incomplete for a certain period of time.

Heck, I submitted to two different genre club my incompleted stories (though I never got a reply back from either of them).


I think so.

One of my featured stories was incomplete at the time of its featuring last year in December.


You must write a brief summary related to the story, that makes good impression on readers.


I know, but I didn’t include the ending.:thinking:
So is that okay?


The form says to include the beginning, middle and ending - but they didn’t say either they wouldn’t consider items without the ending given.


Okay, thank you!


yikes, now that I think about it, I don’t think I included the ending either.


Very interesting!


:flushed: I did it… I sent in an application.
Gosh, I don’t feel very confident if I managed to write an appealing text… :grimacing:

Just let me write dialogues, they are my forte. Text to sell my book… not so much.


Knæk og bræk :smile:


Hehe, tak. :smile:


I’m a little late on this thread, but I’m still gonna talk. This new featured list seems pretty good, but I have problems:

  • I believe it has been said, but I think we should have Featuring as ONLY well-written, grammatically-correct, engaging stories. It doesn’t matter the genre or the number of reads. Just the story. Yes, there would probably be more Fantasy than Historical Fiction, but I would rather have more good Fantasy stories than bad HF.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the book’s grammar! I never read promoted stories because 90% of the time they have God-awful grammar and I’m sick of it.

  • I personally think that books above the mark of about a million shouldn’t be promoted. Why? Because those books are already out there. Featured should have more undiscovered books.

These are my main concerns.


I agree with the first two (I want to see those quality books on my feed!!!) but I think any book should be eligible for featuring, regardless of how many votes it has