Incoming Changes to Featuring



I did get the survey question how well they were doing. With the tagging system, you know “IF you see these books in the hotlist, do you agree yes or no”

Oh, it was a delight, I am happy they ask because… some books didn’t fit at all. But hey automatic tag, lets just load it in.

This is a problem that they do need to fix, that hotlist. Right now it is a hot mess, even supposed safe searched lead to half nude guys on covers.


The problem with inspecting grammar - is that languages are living and changing. What’s customary in one dialect, region or generation, isn’t in another.

Our language patterns and use are closely affiliated to our life experiences and therefore unique to every person.

In order to have a comparative grammar model, we’d have to agree on someone who’s right and write our stories in their voice.

Is it Donald J Trump? Jk Rowling? Kim Kardashian West? Louis Tomlinson? (all successful communicators)

Or somebody else?

As long as the writing is clear and the message interesting, grammar shouldn’t matter too much. I personally like reading styles that are different to my own.


There is a difference between regional variation and actual lack of technical skill. I am taking about issues like switching tense every second sentence, not punctuating dialogue correctly and run on setences because the author writes like there is a global shortage of full stops.


Not to mention the fact that if you use a machine to determine grammatical accuracy, you might mistake fantasy names for errors.


@Carolyn_Hill @MaryFahey I understand that. But even simple commas in sentences (“Get me the eggs, milk, and bread” or “Give me the eggs, milk and bread.” They instead say “Give me the eggs milk and bread.”) They need SOME form of grammar checking.


This is a very good point.
My story may be written in English, but I have both Italian, French, and Japanese words and sentences in my book too.


Absolutely agree. Also it is logical to assume that featured books should be held to a higher standard.


I have German and French terms in my WWI series, plus a smattering of bogan Aussie and Brit slang and colloquialisms for authenticity. Does the machine mark these as spelling, syntax or grammar errors?


That’s one of the problems. Fantasy and SF, in particular, (and probably HF) would be hit the hardest.


Look, if your work has nothing but choppy sentences I am going to put the book down. Grammar is a must, whether you like it or not. It is there for a reason.

As Ravenclaw said

What the heck is eggs milk? Not only does grammar help form sentences, it also makes your writing look professional and clean.

There are times when authors have gotten away with it, but it is rare that they do and it comes out as a hit.

Words are changing, but for the most part grammar is not.

There is till the point where your story needs to run smooth. If a reader is distracted by the constant stop and go of your sentences than they will most likely stop reading it.

If I have to go over and reread most of what I am reading because you can’t make a simple sentence, then I am going to put the book down.

Commas and periods are what I care about the most when it comes to grammar. If you can correctly place them then I am fine. When I am critiquing and editing that is what I am mostly going to comment on, besides word usage and filler words.


To me I wouldn’t mind the few errors. Yeah, it can be cringe to writers but no one is perfect. If it’s too much errors that I cannot agree,


Agreed, but that only works if the writer is communicating clearly enough for the readers to understand what’s going on. I’m all in favor of the evolution of language if it broadens our ability to communicate and express ourselves. As a reader, I’m willing to work hard at deciphering an author’s meaning if the divergence from current convention is a stylistic choice that informs the storytelling. If it’s just because the author can’t be fussed to learn the rules before straying from them or because they don’t bother with anything as pedestrian as proofreading… not so much.


I concur. My point is: Computer-assisted linguistic assessment might not be 100% accurate at this time. It might also falsely detect errors or miss errors because the software must be further developed.

I’d say: Grammar doesn’t change as quickly as the lexicon.

Proof: the use of the subjunctive mood has all but disappeared in British English and the distinction between less and fewer is nearly extinct in both American and British English (at least in many spoken varieties).


I like how Wattpad has it where books are switched around as needed. Last time I was featured, I thought it was a little weird how the entire time my book (and others) were there, the site glitched the entire fourteen days, making it nearly impossible to get reads and votes.

Not to mention, when things got fixed, we were replaced with new features, though we didn’t get a fair chance to been seen. I hope this never happens again and something like that would keep people on longer if that does ever happen again.


Yeah, I agree that outages should be taken into account.


Yep. We barely got any votes, no one barely noticed and then when things got fixed we were bumped off. It was unfair, honestly.


This all sounds quite interesting and like it’s going to simplify a couple of things. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.


Curious about something–I have a story that’s been added to 25-ish reading lists in the last 24 hours which is significantly more adds than normal. It’s not featured on the Editor’s Choice list, but is it possible it’s being featured elsewhere? Or is this just a fun boost in readers?


I had a similar thing happen a few days after I applied, and I never did find out what caused the anomaly. :thinking::man_shrugging:


It is something that has been happening to me too. I haven’t been writing or updating for a long time and yet my stories have seen some actions lately. I don’t think it is related to featuring (I COULD be wrong). May be it is just that our stories are being promoted by Wattpad.

-I haven’t applied yet-

@nick shed some light here, please? :blush: