Incoming Changes to Featuring



Hmm, maybe it’s one of the new types of promotion that Nick was talking about–one where we don’t get notified, I guess. I’m fine with it, just interested in how so many more people are finding my story!

Maybe a new type of featuring! Who knows :slight_smile:


I’m okay with not getting notified BUT I suppose we will see our stories on one of the lists, right?


I believe they can be featured in locations other than the Wattpad Picks/Editor Picks section–so perhaps they’re floating around in some other “recommended stories” or some such list that we can’t see on our own profiles? I’m really not sure!


Could it be that you rank high on one of the popular tags? Like on the actual hot list, not what is listed under your book?


That can be possible, but right now the tags are wacky :rofl: I have a rank #3 in Fandom, but I’m not even in the Top 500 XD


I don’t think the ranking system works that way anymore. I don’t think people care about the fact that I’m ranking #1 in monarch unless they’ve been searching for that precise tag and found my story. I had top ranking in multiple tags earlier and it did little to my story.


I don’t like wondering if you are featured or not. My book got 6k reads in two weeks. So who knows. I don’t even promote or rank high in any of the popular tags. I wonder where the readers come from too.


If you guys are getting featured in a particular way, it might be good to inform you because then you can spread the word, right? But maybe they don’t want to say because they want the raw data. Otherwise, it might get tainted by some people are spreading the word better than others, so it’s impossible to tell which featuring is working because of the additional promotion through other venues and which options are working because of the concepts themselves.

Once it gets ironed out, though, I think it would be a good idea to inform the featured authors. :smiley: Just my five cents.


I’ve been as high as #6 in fandom and have yet to ever rank in genre.


I wondered about that, but I’m ranked 500-something in sci-fi so it seems unlikely!


I definitely agree! Once the experimentation is over, I like the notification idea. Please tells us if we’re featured! :slight_smile:


I saw The Intellect in the top 10 for dystopia, but I don’t know if that is the book you’re talking about.


That’s exactly what I mean, though. If someone is #4 on the hot list, as in the genre menu people look at, not the rank on the blurb of your book, which right now hardly ever matches to the lists.


I’ve noticed that the blurb rank is often (though not always) wrong whereas the other listings are often (though not always) right.


Hmm, that is the story–funny you saw that and i didn’t haha. It’s only 400-something in sci-fi (the main genre) but apparently higher in dystopia. Still, it was much lower a few days ago so I assume the rising RL adds ahve contributed to that.


Yeah, I’m super confused. The blurb says I’m #182 in dystopian but when you go into science fiction and clicked “dystopian,” I’m actually ranked #2. However, when I search #dystopian, my story isn’t in the top 20-30. What’s with that disparity? Is it a bug?


I tend to look at the dystopian hot list. :slight_smile: But yes, they hardly match, and I’ve never felt the searching with the hashtag ever produced sensible results. It seems to bring up more of things with that word in the title.


Agreed. I usually prefer to search through discover, but I wish the tag rankings and discover hot lists were more closely correlated.


Completely agree with everything you said about grammar and what @RavenclawProdigy said about it being a requirement for featured content.


I’ve applied one of my stories and now I await as a nervous wreck to see what happens :joy: