Incoming Changes to Featuring



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Just a thought: A Wattpad Next list similar to Editor’s Choice or Wattys Winner would help the users of Wattpad a lot!


For those who experienced an increase in reading list adds, etc., a few days after applying… I can say that I have experienced a similar sudden rise in these kind of things without having applied for featuring yet (due to my book being an unedited WIP XD ) so I don’t think it’s necessarily related with the featuring. I would now love an answer to this strange occurrence myself… :’)


This is the first time I heard of this. How long has this problem last for you?


I liked! It´s very good!


I’ve submitted my story for a feature and I hope it works out :speak_no_evil: It literally is a dream that would come true


Best of luck! :lumi:


Does anyone know when we’ll be notified of out book being featured? Like, do we have to look through the Wattpad featured lists or will it be via PM that we get the notice.


Apparently they’re not notifying people anymore. Before the change you got a PM.


yeah, i didn’t get notified - it’s coming up to a month since i’ve been featured, i think, and i was still expecting some sort of acknowledgement or explanation for the choice, but nope! they just pop you up on the list. :blush:


I think they’re experimenting with notifications, so notifying some people but not all.


For all of you experiencing some sort of unknown boost, that’s just Wattpad. That’s all.

Somebody found your story at the right place at the right time. They told two friends who told two friends and so on.

Somebody with a larger following voted on your story. All their followers started popping up on your work too.

There’s so many ways and places that naturally reward writers and encourage sharing. I describe this in my book I Want to be Famous, called invisible channels. And they make up way more discovery than featuring (in fact featuring usually just triggers one of these things in a cascade of share and discovery events).

It’s just an important reminder that the pathway to popularity or activity does not exclusively go through Wattpad specifically promoting your story through an application. It happens naturally, all the time, because there’s thousands of stories, hundreds of thousands, we’ve never featured or promoted, with thousands and millions of reads


Lol, very true. My book amassed quite a few reads in a very short amount of time, and everyone thinks I was featured but I never was! I guess I just got lucky :blush:


Is this just about the featured list or are the rankings are do currently changing as well?


This thread is about the featured list. Have a look at the first post here-

If you want to ask Nick anything, you can ask here-


Hey Nick,

I guess I’m still confused about the changes in featuring. Maybe that’s intentional, and we’re not meant to know how it’s working?

As far as I can see, the only change was that there is now one list under Wattpad Picks (Editors Choice) that can highlight undiscovered stories (I’m not counting the Wattys and Studios lists), whereas before there were several.

Before, the contents of the top list were cycled out every 2-3 weeks, whereas now, the contents have remained the same for over a month. You originally said: “stories will no longer be featured in cycles and will instead be added and removed as needed,” but I haven’t observed any adding or removing of books on that list. Maybe this statement was in reference to something else?

Effectively, undiscovered books now seem to have fewer opportunities than before to be featured. Unless they are being featured in some non-obvious way. But then you seem to deny that in your recent post, where you tell us the spikes we’re observing are not due to changes, but simply to the way Wattpad works.

Care to comment?



I’m checking this list about 1-2 times per week, and I noticed about 75% of books are the same from the beginning, and only a few of them at the end changed :slight_smile: I wonder if they are still tweaking this algorithm.