Incorrect Answers


Claim it’s a rip off of Pokémon.

If there are unicorns, why aren’t there multicorns?


Because, they don’t want to destroy the world yet

Is it possible to make tea without hot water?


Only if it’s with the blood of your enemies.

Why is orange the new black?


Because, orange is finally a color darker than black.

What are combos in fighting games?


A burger, fries and large soft drink.

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


Potato miles

Why do we like pizza?


Because we’re lactose-intolerant.

Why is it always sunny in Philadelphia?


Because, in Philadelphia, there is no dark side and Philadelphia doesn’t have cookies either

What is peanut butter?


Well, it’s got BUTT and NUT and PEE in it, so you figure it out.

Hey. Are you gonna eat that?


Yah, I’ll eat her out.

Why does Dante eat so much pizza?


nah you got it backwards, the pizza enjoys eating him.

why is cereal a thing?


Taste me! Successful, attractive people love Drama Flakes!

So, what’s The Tick really like?


Jam and butter sandwiches. Foul and revolting.

Why am I a mess?


You can’t let the package hide the pudding! You gotta smack evil in the nose with the newspaper of justice!

So… who’s a good puppy?



Where do werewolves live?