Information on publishing companies


Ok I found one but it was talking about “Print on demand” I can already see scam written all over it O.O


Nope. Print on demand isn’t a flag. Print on demand means they don’t do large print runs of books and have them sitting in a warehouse. It means they print as the books are ordered. It’s not uncommon, especially among small presses.


Ok thanks I just got scared because if I ever publish my work (In this life) I’d know where to go, ya know?


I agree with XimeraGrey. POD is very common for many smaller presses. Now, I should note that it means they are doing something you can do on your own. I’ve signed with two small-presses and neither one used POD but that doesn’t make them more “legitimate” than those that do POD, it’s just a different business model.


Oh ok.


It’s a scam the moment they want you to pay for anything.


Yeah true on that. :open_mouth: