Inkitt Publishing - Have you guys ever heard of them or have written on their website?



Hi! I’ve been contacted by Inkitt Publishing a couple of times on Wattpad, the first time about a year ago. I’d love to hear what you think about them or if any of you have stories published on their website.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey please report them. Its against TOS to poach on wattpad.



@matzeztam yeah? I didn’t know that… I’d still like to know people’s thought about them, though. Thanks for the comment.


Here are some comments about them from 2 different threads.
Hope that helps


There have been a few threads started about Inkitt already:


@MakaylaSophia The second link you sent me has a good varied bank of opinions on Inkitt. I’m waiting to hear more from them. The more info I get the better. Thanks for sharing!




My opinion on the site as a whole was mentioned by @matzeztam :point_up:t2:But I do find this Interesting. One of my friends was contacted by them as well and asked me about them yesterday.

I don’t recommend them, and definitely not now. I think their business practices are sketchy.


Have you told him to report them? Or wasn’t she contacted on wattpad?


He didn’t specify where he was contacted but he doesn’t have his info readily available so I’m going to assume Wattpad. I’ll tell him to report.



Thanks for commenting.


Wasn’t Inkitt this site where they use algorithms to analyse the “bestseller potential” of the books on their site when they reach 100 readers and sufficient positive reviews?
From all I read they’re rather sketchy and don’t give much information on anything to their users.


If you read through those threads, you’ll read about how buggy their writing app is, the small selection, etc. I put some of my work up there for funzies but I stopped and redirected everyone to my Wattpad instead. You’ll also see people mention their scammy contracts regarding rights and all of that.

I’ve also heard some horror stories about people participating in some sort of publishing offer with them, but I don’t know much about that and I’m not sure if they still offer that service.

And then this? Coming to other sites to poach authors and having them sign contracts to remove their work or slow down their work on the site that they poached them from? Maybe that’s the name of the game, but I’m not cool with it.


It’s been some time since I was last contacted by them… I remember they offered me to see the contract, but I was not interesting in having my story published outside wattpad then. So if I’m not mistaken, I just got a link to their website and a youtube video link


Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion, @LailaLiliana!


No problem, and that’s not to say you can’t give it a shot, just my personal opinion. I know more people who regretted going there than I do people who are happy they went. And it sounds like they use peoples’ lack of familiarity with contracts, copyrights, etc. against them.

After talking to my friend, he decided against it.

Have you applied for the Paid Stories program here?


For now, I’m just looking for people’s opinions. and waiting to hear back from them… :blush: I’ve applied one completed story I shared here on Wattpad to Paid Stories and even though I’m excited to see where things are going, I feel like it’s still a very small program that comtemplates just a few writers.


I’m part of WP Paid Stories. While it might be reasonably small, it is growing both in terms of audience (more countries are being added) and stories - a lot got added recently. WP has the biggest readership of any of these platforms and getting your story out there is likely to give you a good boost (my story went from 450 reads - it was totally new - to 5.4 K. While that might not sound like much it is actually not bad nowadays. I write in an unpopular genre (cozy mystery) for a very limited audience (adults over 30).

I personally would NEVER EVER subscribe with somebody who poaches authors on other websites and come up with grabby conditions like the ones offered by Inkitt. Yes, there are royalty shares but the conditions for WP are decent, otherwise I would not have signed up.
The earlier one tries out such programmes the better - if they grow, your promo share will get smaller…


Seems like an advertisement to me and a bit biased.

Op just proceed with caution. instead of running over to make a thread maybe you should have ask further questions then make this thread.


Thanks for sharing your opinion! I know it’s growing and like I said I’m excited to see where things are going. I meant small in the sense that so far It comtemplates just a few writers in a pool of millions. But I know readers have in general being positive to the program and it’s amazing. Congratulations on the numbers of readers! Yes, it’s big deal, especially if you dont have a big niche like you said.