Inkitt Publishing - Have you guys ever heard of them or have written on their website?



The offer I got from them was fair. They will do all the promotion since that’s not my thing and help with editing, proofreading, beta reading, and etc.

They did not poach me from Wattpad. I honestly haven’t heard too many people that have been approached by them on Wattpad.

They have changed many of their policies and terms since 2016. They improved and are more upfront with things now. They do surveys to improve. They are a smaller company. I think with growth they will get better.

The user base is smaller than Wattpad but they cater to an older crowd. You get more exposure. The reads amounts aren’t known to the readers only to the writers. The read amounts don’t matter. All the readers care about is a good blurb to pull them in, good cover, and good writing. New writers have a better chance on there than here.

They have monthly contests to win money or a publishing deal.

I like that readers can leave reviews based on plot, punctuation, grammar, and writing style.

Be mindful that people on here that are part of the staff, volunteers, and paid programs are not going to support their competition. So, opinions will be somewhat biased, which is understandable.

Edit: My favorite thing is no ads while reading.


poaching even 10 or less users is enough.
Tbh Funfic and Dreame are for sure worse, but still poaching is not allowed.




Thanks a lot for sharing such a detailed opinion! Do you mind me asking If you’re still writing for them? If so, how is It being for you? I checked their website and they seem solid. In terms of contracts and legal stuff, I’m still wating to hear from them.


They’ve been spamming Wattpad users since they started – and they did so heavily and blatantly at the beginning. This has nothing to do with staff – which few people here are – being critical of competition and everything to do with low-class behavior on their part.


I still write for them. Just being on there for a month I have more reads and feedback there.

As far as any contract read carefully, ask questions, and get help/support if you don’t understand.

I understand all contracts do not work out for each individual. You must get the contract that you want and that works for your personal goals and career. It’s a personal preference.

As a hobby writer, it worked for me.


Okay. People have every right to be critical or not.


Thanks a lot! I agree with you with the contract stuff. It will never work the same for each person and we sure have to look for help If we cant really understand them. I’m here just to get people’s opinions about them and see how It has worked (or not) for them. Appreciate your insights.


You are welcome.

I don’t favor either site as better or worse than. They both have pros and cons. It depends on so many other factors and personal preference. I think it’s best not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Try new things and see what works best for you.


A great advice! :blush:


Hey, Sis. I haven’t been on here in a while. Anyway. I agree with finding out what works best for you without bias. I did my own research and checked it out for myself.


Interesting. Why do you think that happened? I can imagine three reasons:

  1. Reader self-selection. Reader imagines (right or wrong) that paid means better content, so they read more from a smaller pool? Seems a stretch, since they can try before they buy. But it might be that thought that gets them to try in the first place.

  2. Actual quality filter - the content in paid is better, or at least less green? Maybe a target reader demographic filter, too? Like Paid programme readers are older because only older readers can/would pay, and the content is a better match for that demographic than the average WP content?

  3. WP marketing - I can see that WP sometimes plugs the hell out of Paid content, and pushes everything down toward obscurity. Some have speculated that recent ranking changes have to do with nudging readers and writers toward paid. But WP doesn’t always plug them aggressively. Today, for example, I don’t have to skip all the paid stories before I get to the regular list.

Just curious.


I’ve wanted to but decided Webnovel and Honeyfeed is better.


I was considering publishing on Inkitt. I still may, in fact, because they seem to be a more dedicated publisher than wattpad. With Inkitt, if you’re book is the most popular during a given competition cycle, they automatically offer a publishing deal through them. It sounds legit and you retain the same rights you do publishing on wattpad, the only reason I haven’t done it yet is because I really don’t like the quality of content that gets published through them. Also, some of thier terms don’t sit well with me, and I’ve decided to try the self publishing route for now.


Marketing is part of it I would reckon. However, the special promo doesn’t replace all the other measures in place that ensure non-paid stories are visible. Things like “if you enjoy this you might also enjoy…” and those pushes that depend on you updating regularly.

There will be filters in place, though I’m not sure they are exclusively about quality. There are some super stories on the site that put quite a few of the self-pubbed AND trad pubbed novels to shame. My audience on average is older, for all my stories. yes, I have a significant contingent of teenage readers, but that reflects the demographics of the site. But I write adultfiction and that addresses a different audience.
It also means, my stories won’t ever be raving successes despite the marketing. My audience, readers of cozies is still outside WP.
Other paid stories have doing exceptionally well. My romance levels are low, especially in this series. It’s all about characters, humour and suspense, but even that isn’t flashbanging action all the time. My climax scene features a historic tram racing through a traffic jam, lol. In another of my stories the character is trying to hitchhike on a garbage collection van to stop a killer from poisoning her coven. Everything I do is tongue in cheek and very character driven.
That isn’t quite what WP audiences seem to want.


A wise decision - if they don’t publish quality stories, you are better off self pubbing.


I’ve never heard of them before. Are you writing for them? Could you tell me about your experience with them? Why do you think they are better? :slight_smile:


Would mind sharing which terms are not really working for you?


I don’t necessarily think they’re better, I think all publishers of this nature are equally shit rather. It’s just picking your preferred stink really.

Moving most of my work to

And I have no confidence that the revolution of crowd-source publishing will no go on to become its own kind of trade publishing later: we’ve already seen that with youtube.


Thanks, @SarahWeaver6 :slight_smile: