Inkitt? Tapas? Radish? Or what?

I am in a huge dilemma here.

Recently, I have across some ‘facts’ about inkitt. Although my stay on that platform was rocky, I have never regretted being on a platform than now. It piqued my curiosity too. I have only ever used WP and inkitt. I would like to know what kind place other platforms are. Like- tapas, radish, webnovel, goodreads, royal road, ao3 and others.

How do they work? What kind of books do they focus on? Are they paid or free? How do they promote new books? How do they treat their writers? Which other platform you would recommend and why?

P.S. Please do not recommend inkitt and if you must know why, check this link.

I am on tapas. the community is Nice, but it’s mainly focused on webcomics. BUT if you get to 100 subsribers there you can start getting add revenue
Im not there yet, so I can’t make any promises on it


Bellesristica is nice. It’s still in beta, but I’ve found support for my stories in about a week.

That’s nice but if it’s focused on webcomics, other genres will have a hard time getting noticed, right?

Never heard of it. Gotta have a look :smile:

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yeah, that’s what I noticed witj my novel there

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There’s a site called Quotev also where you can share your stories.


Honestly, I have been on goodreads. I can surely say that I am not a fan of that app at all. I dont know if I am doing anything wrong but I just cant read books there.

There’s this other app its name is Anybooks. I love it so much you can get every published book there. I have used it for a long time. But it recently been turned to a paid one. you have to pay to get the app and then you caan read any book.


I had anybooks too. But after I switched phones, I couldn’t find the app. Not even the paid one

How does the site work? Does it have an app?

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isn’t goodreads for reviews. it’s not a reading platform where you can read books. it’s a site die reviews and to keep track of what you read or want to read


So I’m currently on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Radish. And first, I’ll start out by saying I like Wattpad the most when it comes to the app and customer service, but that I feel opportunities are harder to come by here. So it’s kind of dependent on what you want out of sharing your work.

I’m going to address this right quick, because I feel like your post is making Inkitt sound ominous when it’s not.

To the “data mining” point, they didn’t give any real detail, but it sounds like they’re doing exactly what every social media site ever is doing. All sites collect data. How they’re using that data and what it has to do with that bar? I don’t know. But if you’re not worried about Wattpad or any sort of social media, there’s no need to be worried about Inkitt either.

And to the “popular” point, yes. Inkitt is big on romance, and romance often goes hand in hand with particular tropes and shirtless guys. Wattpad does a much better job of getting more diversity in every sense of the word out there - genres, characters, experiences, etc. So if you’re not writing romance, Inkitt likely won’t be for you, but you can still give it a shot.

So I was just invited to Radish recently and I still haven’t even finished going through the legal stuff :joy: I’m very torn about doing it, so I don’t have a lot to go off of yet.

They’re an invite only site, so you can apply to write there but they have to accept you. I was rejected multiple times before submitting my most recent work and being accepted.

If you’re invited, you’re automatically eligible to be a paid writer, but it depends on exclusivity, how much of the work is already available elsewhere, etc. Promotion is entirely on you. They do help sometimes, but they even say to not rely on them. I’m not sure how they treat writers yet as I haven’t gotten that far.

Radish, from what I’ve seen, is also mostly romance. That being said, my romance series was rejected and a general fiction story (it’s like a dark chicklit/tiny bit of sci fi) was accepted. Maybe they’re trying to branch out more.

Overall, I’d say Wattpad is the best experience. They have the easiest app to navigate, their staff is very communicative, their community is very open and friendly for the most part, and there’s a huge audience out there. They have the most options to be noticed, in my opinion, but they’re also the hardest to get any opportunities through.

Radish has no community feel to it whatsoever. It’s very disconnected and there doesn’t appear to be any commenting or feedback you can get. It seems to be almost entirely romance. They have promo areas but there aren’t things like genre profiles to be featured on, for example. But if you’re accepted, you’re automatically eligible to be paid, so long as your story meets their exclusivity (even if temporarily) requirements.

Inkitt is like a mix between the two. Not as interactive as Wattpad, more so than Radish though. Strongly romance, but I wouldn’t say as focused on it as Radish. Their comments aren’t utilized nearly as much as Wattpad, but the review system kinda sorta makes up for it. Their staff is really kind. And as long as you’re popular, here or elsewhere, it’s easy to get into their royalty program.


Reviews for books published on other sites?

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yes, just books in general

Inkitt is somewhat easy to navigate through and they do promote new books. That I found and still find a good feature. But overall, this really isn’t for me.

And if I can’t communicate with others (in Radish), then how am I supposed to promote my book?

Per their legal mumbojumbo, they seem to want you to rely on other outlets like social media. I know Wattpad writers who cross-post on Radish sometimes link to their Radish for exclusive stories there or earlier chapters.

I feel kind of icky doing that. No offense to anyone who does. It’s nothing against them at all. I just feel weird telling people who found me in an app that they’ve clearly chosen to use to go find me somewhere else. That’s just me though.


That’s absolutely correct. It’s annoying to find a story you like, have the rest of it’s chapters filled with ‘If want to continue reading it, head to here, there or my grave’.

I have seen the social media advertisements but if they don’t do that for all users, then I just don’t get how it would work. Frankly, I only saw one story being advertised so far.

Right. And I 100% get why people do it. If they’re making money elsewhere, it makes sense to direct people there. It’s just my own personal thing.

But yeah, trying to decide what sites to post on is really complicated. And if you try to put your eggs in several baskets, you can easily stretch yourself too thin. I know people who do it and treat it like a full time job, but I already treat Wattpad similarly to a full time job.

I rarely respond to comments or interaction on Inkitt. I spend hours responding to as many comments, messages, and wall posts on Wattpad as I can. Literal hours :joy: I’ve never really wanted to be on more than one site, but again, it comes down to want you’re wanting out of your writing.

To have a strong, interactive following? To get paid? To just have a badge of honor that says you’re doing good? For most people, those will all point in different directions.


I am on Quotev, as well as on Wattpad and Inkitt. Lately, I’ve stopped posting my stories on Wattpad, because it’s never been writer-friendly and has no intention of improving in that area.

Inkitt is writer-friendly, though the formatting is far lesser there than it is on Wattpad. Which I actually don’t mind as much. Nothing better than having but not able to reach it - this is how Wattpad formatting is.

As for Quotev, it gets as close to MS Word as you can go. Formatting is great with far more options than you can imagine having on Wattpad. The community is also very good. But, if you’re a fantasy writer, they may not take the genre kindly; very few people seem to appreciate good old-fashioned fantasy there. But otherwise, people as such are awesome - I’ve not had any bots or trolls on me so far (if I have, then I don’t know). Writing is super-friendly - and so is the tagging and posting. They keep making changes that improve the website for the better. (So far.) I personally love this website. It’s very flexible and such a comfort for my writer-mind!

Do let me know if you have any more specific questions about this response. :grinning:

No. Not just for reviews. You can also post stories on it, just like on Wattpad.

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