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Hey there, i’m working with a creative writing class who had some questions about the website I used to get published. Clearly i will live and die by Wattpad as it has helped me grow a nice fan base, but I’ve heard a lot about Inkitt. Just curious if anyone had used it and what their thoughts had been on it. I have created a profile but am quite hesitant about posting any of my work there. I wanted to give my class as much information on other sites as possible as well.

You need to read their guidelines. They use to ‘poach’ users in WP which violated WP’s guideline and I heard reviews that Inkitt will keep your stories but you don’t own them.

That aside, I would just look at their policy and all that jazz and maybe google for reviews too. It’s handy to know them :smiley:

Take a few minutes to read through this


I’ve never used them but that’s mainly because of the aggressive way they attempted to poach me and other writers to their site. It all seemed pretty shady. Most things I’ve heard about the site have warned me to stay as far away as possible.

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I’ve had a few attempts as well, makes me think it’s pretty shady, but I didn’t want to judge them too harshly. Thank you for confirming.

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Thank you for your advice :sunny:

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