Just want to check if anyone knows about this. The most recent book I read was published with it, and I wanted to check how legit this is, since it interests me.

Here’s the link to the thread about it on Absolute Write:

I’m not a fan of “publishers” who publish via crowdfunding. They have ZERO skin in the game! You’re doing 100% of the work, then they come behind you and do the aspects that any self publisher could hire freelancers to do, and they take the lion’s share of your royalties. Distribution is through Ingrams, which AGAIN any self publisher can do. And this one even takes movie rights! Um, no. They tout that rights grabbing like it’s a good thing. Um, no, it isn’t, because you’ll get a FRACTION of the money you would get if you had an agent sell those rights for you.


Ok. Thanks

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