Insecure in your writings?

Hello! I’ve been very insecure in My writings and was wondering if anyone felt the same at times! Please feel free to express yourself in the comments!

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@ash2346 yes! i also feel that way :slight_smile: sometimes i wonder if i should keep writing blehhh

Same here! My subjects for My stories are also very gory- so, I’m always nervous to share with anyone.

Mine aren’t gory, but boy do i love gory books. I prefer the visual details. makes the book more real. But yeah sharing them and then not living up to par is really devastating. BUT i am sure you are an amazing writer

I’m only seventeen, most people in My school are into sports or clubs. But I’m very opposite… It’s kinda odd I guess?..

I’m twenty, and i never really was interested in sports or clubs in high school. So i dont think its odd, and you shouldn’t think your odd, so many people just do not prefer to do those things. I sure didnt

I absolutely love writing. It takes the stress off of me after a busy day.

I love making book covers and writing. sadly my grammer sucks lol, but thats good a destresser is always wanted.

I’m only a junior, but I terribly want to be an English/writing teacher. It just always fascinated me when I got into middle school.

All. The. Time.

I don’t know why! I just always kinda get myself in the dumps when it comes to sharing My stories or short stories.

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I’m not insecure about my latest pieces/editions but…

…my middle school junk is a hot pile of cringe. I hate it. The only reason why I keep it is solely for the fact that I can see just how far I’ve come in developing my style. I would say to most people that simply say “Yes! I am insecure about my writing,” don’t be. Everyone, and I mean everyone, must start somewhere, and in order to get better, one must stumble. And fall. And maybe fall again. That’s all from me.

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Of course. But, writing is like anything else you do in life. Experience leads to self-confidence. So, just keep writing. Sooner or later, you’ll wake up and not give a crap what hateful people say about your stories. :wink:

WOW. can you be by my side when I’m taking tests? :joy: I need that boost of confidence.

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Just keep taking tests! I know, I know, just remember Dorie in Finding Nemo and think to yourself, 'Just keep writing, writing, writing. What do we do? We write, write, write." :wink:

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One of the biggest earworms in that film. :wink:

(exasperated) “All of us have nothing to do! Make a choice, willya?!”
(oblivious) “…keep on watchin’!”

Yeah. I used to dig horror so much, but most people just don’t like the kinds of horror I like to write (ie: occult detective, horror poetry), so I switched to another genre (dark fantasy). Better fit, but again, very little reader engagement. Sometimes I feel like nothing I write will ever reach any reader, no matter how much work I put into it. And in my worst moments, I feel like quitting since nobody seems to give a damn about what I write, but those are rare and temporary, thank God.

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so…some stranger just commented on one of My pieces and totally hated it. SOOO… I’m all insecure again, great!

I have felt this a lot. It’s part of the reason why I write under a pen name. Perhaps the most I felt insecure was when I took a Writer’s Craft class in School. Everyone had amazing talent and when they would share their works, I really felt like mine was insignificant. I think in the end, it’s about remembering that you write for your own happiness, doesn’t matter if you are the best writer in the world or not.

I feel insecure all the time! I think the hardest part for me was the fact that no one really read my work so I didn’t know how people felt… so I started out reading other peoples stories (famous authors helped a lot!) and then I reread my stuff.

Reading out loud helps a lot, and getting feedback… but everyone is insecure for different reasons.

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