my eyelashes/eyebrows, or lack thereof. my pale skin. my crazy dark undereyes. my stomach. my weight. my body hair. my hairstyle. my height. my age. my personality. i could go on and on but i’ll leave it here.


Omg this. Same. I thought I was the only one in the whooole wide world who think that way. Especially the talking part. Did I talk too much? Was what I said appropriate? Did I respond correctly? And sometimes I would feel like wanting to take whatever I said back and turn back time to give a more appropriate response lol #life


I’m insecure about my thoughts and feelings because my anxiety and OCD play up my emotions every single day, multiple times a day. So I have to second guess a lot and work through it.


Literally everything. My face, hair, weight, height, intelligence. I compare myself to others often. Perfectionism is truly a disease, haha.


I’m insecure about my looks in general. Some people consider me a pretty girl, but I feel like my looks are never enough for the guy I like. My personality is something I am extremely confident in and I guess it’s a good thing when guys like me, becuase I know it’s for my personality, but just for once I’d like for a guys to make me feel pretty. Idk if that makes sense, but especially with social media it is so easy for me to compare my looks to other girls and I know I shouldn’t but it just really hits home with me because I have been rejected by so many guys because my looks weren’t enough. It hurts, really, but hopefully I will find the guy who loves my personality and my looks too. I just have to keep telling myself I am enough and I am worthy of love


every time i say something it always feels like i said something wrong :confused: it doesnt matter what it is. i always feel like i have to change up everything i say or just completely get rid of it. sometimes i also feel like i think i said one thing when really i said a completely different thing. almost like i hallucinate or something but im really not. i think im insane.

another thing this gonna sound retarded but i feel like i act like a girl