Insert Random Name Here || Gondor


that emoji XD


wut XD


Gute Nacht, Basil :sparkles:
I hope you’re doing okay and I miss you


Actually i came on here to say i took a cold bath and although i was freezing my butt off the first few minutes it was really relaxing and i took good care of myself because that’s what we should do. Love ourselves

ew cheesy


i need to be taking some ice baths after my meets but i’m too scared and lazy XD


bts love yourself


You should try, it’s really nice and you get used to the cold

You could always try cold showers first and not go too cold at first


*in Tyler’s voice* NO


heh XD


okay c:





Good night Cairin :relaxed:


good night lil dork :relaxed:


Guten Morgen, Basil :sparkles:
Let’s make this a good day ^-^


Its been a whole week and im still motivated wow


Hmm do I wanna start a bullet journal :thinking:

Like I know I always forget about journals/calendars and stuff and i never really use them but I could use it as a way to relax and reflect each day. Plus it’d get me back to drawing (even if its just doodles)


yay :clap:t3:


hmm idk if i wanna either


I shall give it a try, I like making lists and stuff anyway XD

If it doesnt work then at least I tried :woman_shrugging:t2:


okay c: