Insert Random Name Here || Gondor


I’m looking at bullet journal ideas and stuff
:joy::joy: the warning XD


k but what kinda dumbass writes their passwords into a journal and this ain’t even the first one like that I saw


bless me achoo




So uhh today on “dork attempts to glow up”

  • the cold bath really helped my back I think
  • work was kinda useless
  • dance practice was mildly unproductive plus I couldn’t move as well cuz I’m still a lil sore. And then the lights just went out ?-?
  • my dinner wasn’t the healthiest
  • but I resisted chocolate again
  • I forgot what else I meant to say
  • so overall the day was meh but that’s foine, I shall do better tomorrow. And I’m gonna buy a bullet journal tomorrow and try it out


Gute Nacht, Gondor :sparkles:


nice :ok_hand:t4:


night dork c:


good night dork, good night gondor c:


Guten Morgen, Basil :sparkles:


Today on Dork’s be productive list

  • work
  • eat veggies for lunch/dinner
  • buy a bullet journal
  • plan out how I wanna organize said journal and maybe start it depending on how much time I have.
  • check finances and send my mom money
  • do a low intensity workout and stretch


I did it all :relaxed:

& a mood tracker and habit tracker for january in my new journal ^-^

now I just need 12 habits I wanna track XD


Woah not having time/being too exhausted to watch a 1 minute teaser video feels greeaaat

is this what Gondor felt like when he didn’t message me for weeks at times :scream: he’s forgiven then


Gute Nacht, Gondor :sparkles:


awh XD


night lil dork c:


goodnight gondor!

hope you had a better/more productive day than me!


Prolly did XD


Guten Morgen, Basil :sparkles:

Today shall be another good day ^-^


Y’know when i did my journal I was like “I have to stop at 8:30 and workout and stretch” so when it turned 8:30 I didn’t think twice and got up to do that. I wasn’t like “whatever I can continue the journal and workout some other time” (cuz I’d never end up doing the workout)

Same with when I went to check my finances afterward. I was tired and wanted to sleep but I did it anyway cuz I figured it wouldn’t take long and then I dont have to worry about it anymore.

I’m proudy ^-^