Insert Random Name Here || Gondor


And I continued my journal at work .^.


whoop whoop




My boss told me i should talk more cuz it makes the people around me nervous XD


Also it’s not 100% sure if i can keep the job but he said he only heard positive feedback but that’s it’s possible I’ll have to work somewhere else (as in I don’t lose my job but I don’t work where I currently am)


I had to make a phone call and barely hesitated, normally I’d sit and think everything through for at least 5 minutes XD

the person I had to call wasn’t there anymore tho
rip dance practice room


dang, you gotta find somewhere else now?


technically I have a back up room but I don’t wanna have to drag everything there 2 times a week.
I’m gonna try to call tomorrow and solve it all .-.


okay, i hope it works out!


thank you .^.


today is a stupid day

but I shall force myself to do some cardio and stretch even if I don’t feel like it :roll_eyes:


it be like that, at least you’re pushing through


Done :ballot_box_with_check:

I feel like I’ve become a lil more flexible ^-^


I can see improvement in my splits yay ^-^


My left split really isnt that far off the ground

maybe like 25cm
That’s about 10 inches


yay :smiley:




Ended my day positively even tho it was a dumb day ^-^

Schlaf gut, Gondor :sparkles:



nighty night c:


Thanksy :relaxed: