Insert Random Name Here || Gondor


Guten Morgen, Basil :sparkles:
May you have a better day than me cuz mine’s prolly gonna be stressful


Bruh I built up my courage to call again and this dude isn’t there still ._.
my hands are shaking now rip


I talked to my co-worker
A lil
Very lil
But still XD

we’re doing baby steps with this one


heh XD


I’m exhausted


But. I. Must. Stretch.




Done :ballot_box_with_check:

Thank you ^-^


I shall read now because that’s also on my goals list .^.

Schlaf gut, Gondor :sparkles:
Hope you’re doing fine ^-^


Man I was thinking about 陈骁 earlier and wondering why the heck he wont leave my mind. Then i forgot about him for like 10 minutes until he popped into my mind again just now ;-;


awh XD


good night dorkeu :relaxed:


I dreamed about him .-.




what was it about?


:expressionless: shuddup

I don’t remember much .-.


aw :c

no c:


Guten Morgen, Squishy :sparkles:
yes I’ll continue calling him squishy now


I dont feel like getting up today


he shall be your squishy