Inspiration wanted - Tell me about your mischief when you were young.


Hello all,

For my current story, I’m looking for some inspiration regarding mischief.
My MC is someone who means well and wants the acknowledgement and approval of his dad.
He undertakes actions to show his dad how good he is but every time he tries, his plans backfire or go completely mayhem.
More often than not his undertakings lead to shame rather than something to be proud of.
He is sixteen of age at the moment.

Which is troublesome when you are living in a society where honour is an important thing.
(the story takes place in Norse/Viking like society)

I am looking for inspiration since I want to mention some examples from the MC’s past but have a hard time to think up something. So please tell me about the nonsense you did when you were young. :smiley:


1: Was locked out. Used bricks, ladders and stuff to break in through the back door. Showed it off proudly that I got in on my own. (Door was intact, but the ventilator in the door wasn’t.):face_with_hand_over_mouth:

2: Tried to take revenge on a bully and took it out on what was assumed to be his bike. Was a teacher’s.

3: Found out that poking holes in apples makes them smell really good. There were hardly any apples left after.

4: Decided we could get to a friend’s place without help and that adults didn’t need to supervise the drive. Left school care without permission. Much worry later we arrived at friend’s place and got scolded.


:joy::joy: lovely!


broke front door w/ a macadamia nut


??? I had to google that but still don’t understand. How and what you do?


This reminds me of the times my dad forgot the house keys more then once.
He pushed me through one of the small side windows which stood always open and a grown up wouldn’t fit through, even with it wholly open.
But I was small enough back then. In the kitchen on a nail in a wooden beam hung the spare keys which I then used to open the door for him.


This happened before my teens. I mellowed out during my teens.

  1. Poured detergent for washing cars into the pool because it foamed and made bubbles well.

  2. Drank power horse (an energy drink my parents didn’t want me drinking) then filled the can with apple juice (because close enough).

  3. Peeled paint off bedroom wall.

  4. Climbed cars and put dents in the hood.

  5. Ate chocolates and returned the wrappers in the box.

  6. Carved my name into doors, chairs etc.

I should probably apologize one day. Just not now. I’m not humble enough yet. :sweat_smile::joy:

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I wish more people would join in already! This is a great laugh!

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I know. This thread sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait for others to write their moments of mischief. :heart::rofl:

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Did you also scratch your name into cars?

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The only remotely mischievous thing I did was making a homemade volcano while my parents were away. You know, the one using baking soda and vinegar? I did it TWICE in a row just to show off to my brother how awesome it looked. Suffice to say, it didn’t go down well with my parents when they got home because I used up all the vinegar in the house. :joy:

Wait! I remember another one. Pranking my mum with a plastic (toy) fly. She started screaming and stomping on it. I practically wet myself laughing.

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No. Lol, but I saw a scratch once and tried to use kid paint to fix it, which led to more scratches somehow. My dad wasn’t happy. :joy:

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Pfft, dads teach their kids silly things once in a while. :joy:

We had a window at my father’s place where the window was split into three smaller windows. An old style window. So, you can remove the guards on the window that keep the glass in place with a tool and then remove the glass to open the window where we could crawl in.

We had a chicken shed at school where kids weren’t really allowed in. It had just gotten an extra outer expansion, but they hadn’t placed a key on the hole to the new expansion yet. Me and two guy friends snuck into the new expansion and for some odd reason I can’t remember I was made to crawl into the inner yard and into the shed since I was small enough to get through the ‘chicken door’. Someone called the teacher on us and him and a whole group of children arrived while I was inside the chicken shed. I sat in there quiet and paranoid that the door would go up at any time. Never did. Never crawled in there again :joy: Only the two boys ended up getting scolded.

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Mmm… now let me think.

  1. used to catch frogs and toads. Put them into glass containers with holes in the lids and then put them in the bathtub. My mom looked awkward when she wanted to take a bath.

  2. pretending to be sick, in the hope my parents would fall for it so I didn’t need to go to school.

  3. fooling around on other peoples property (farms nearby, where I grew up) and get the hell out when the owner or his dog got us in sight.

  4. More bathtub fun! Made the whole bathroom soapy and foamy because I liked it.


My little brother while he was still wearing diaper:

He was bored and pooped in his diaper in the middle of the night. He got up and started messing with his diaper. My little sister woke up and told him to stop. When he didn’t she just rolled over and ignored him. By morning the wall near his crib and his diaper, even the door was painted in poop.




xD that frog one, oh god. So awkward. How do you even start that conversation. “Uhm… dear… why are you doing this?”

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I have no idea how my sister could NOT do something about this! :joy: Malicious compliance perhaps?


Actually, I just said: “Hi, mom!” happily with a big grin on my face.

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:joy: kids are lovely

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