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Brynlee is you’re average 16 year old, skittle loving girl trying to make her way through High School with 3 super-hot besties. However, to Bryn they’re her best friends, and that’s all they’ll ever be, or will one break that barrier, do they want to?

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Avril Lexington has always followed the rules set in place by her parents and tried to live the perfect life up until her 24th birthday when she reaches her tipping point. Given the opportunity to become the new social media manager for the band Fallen Angels, Avril takes the opportunity in hopes of finding adventure and a life she can call her own.

Uploading… Café con Hielo

An Italian romance between 2 teenager,one called Erica and one called Francesco
_Italy isn t only pizza and pasta bur romance and action

Everyone please check out my new story that I recently just started writing called “SILENT CRY”
WARNING: some parts of this story may have suicide, rape, abuse, and depression. But this is going to be a really good story so please read it and let me know what you think! :heart:️


" Never in a million years of my introverted life did I ever think I would make it to where I am now; I couldn’t help but think to myself. But then, could you really blame me? Years of verbal abuse by unsupportive parents and selfish people I called friends, to finally stand where I was, to finally look around and see none of those people but instead the loving gaze of the man in front of me. To stare into those blue and amber eyes… It blew my mind away. I can still hear the music of that beautiful day, how we danced and everyone cheered for us in congratulations. The way my white gown draped over my shoulders and wrapped around my body like flower petals on a tulip. It was trult a dream come true.
For as long as I can remember, fairy tales were what only other people got. They were only a dream for me. They didn’t exist for someone like me. I mean, who in their right mind would go out of their way for someone like me?
After a long tiring road of complicated events, I quickly learned of two very special people who would do just that.
I knew then that my past no longer defined me. I knew then that I had been too focused on my past to be able to enjoy the preset; to be able to become eager for the overall bright future I was meant to have.
And how did this all happen? How did I come to this marvelous epiphany?


I went to college. "


Jasmine Luna loves to win. It’s her talent. But there is one thing that she can’t achieve, a thing that slips through her fingers everytime she tries to reach for it. That’s love. When the dark clouds above her don’t seem to disappear, she tries to escape. But her storm of affection, empathy and anguish keeps chasing her, until she has nothing left. Will her source of faith be enough for her to hold on and stick around, just a little bit longer?

Liam and Mason knew at a very young age that the world wasn’t meant to be easy, especially at a young age. Read as these two boys find the strength and courage within each other to conquer every day with the weight of the world on there back. Through love, loss, and friendship, these two boys will learn from each other as their own life turns there backs on them as they grow up and learn the truth of society.

hola tengo una historia de amor apenas comienzo podrĂ­an ir a leerla y dejar comentarios diciendo que les pareciĂł

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