Interesting Character or Relatable One?


Relatable is overrated.
Greatest power of art, imo, is to expand on readers’ perspective. As long as characters are human and their actions are portrayed as something logical and right from their POV, I think it’s fine. Readers learn to be empathetic and tend to root for characters that feel like people.

Relatable is something that seems necessary when a writer is trying to teach a lesson rather then tell a story.


It’s not necessarily essential to have a relatable character. What is essential is to make them human with realistic flaws and feelings.


I rather read an interesting character than a relatable one.

If the character is very relatable, I’ve gone through what they’re going through and I know a bunch of ways it’ll end up, so it’s like a spoiler.


That’s a good question because the consensus by some people here is: “We want characters modeled after us in your stories.” (For the diversity crowd–even though their characters don’t even look anything like them from the very start.)

I want a character that I will find “interesting”. Bonus points if they are relatable to me in some way. I don’t mean a copy cat of me, but something that I can take solace in.


I still think that there should be aspects of a character that you could relate to, just to get slightly more invested in them; it shouldn’t be one or the other. Do you agree?


I think interesting. If I wanted to share a personality trait with every character that I read about then I would only read a very limited amount of stories in my opinion. It’s interesting to read about what people can be like and to learn from it. :grin:


Nearly every character is relatable in some way, but I rather have one that’s interesting and only relate to them on one or two things, or else I get a bit bored.


I definitely agree with you there; there’s too many books based on the author’s own experiences that really aren’t as unique as they seem. There’s seven billion people on the planet; chances are more than one of them has been dumped/cheated on/had a crush etc.


The majority of us aren’t cut out to be character material. Books are not meant to be self-inserts (well.), they’re supposed to be exciting ways for us to care about something so radically different from us that we wouldn’t think of it otherwise.


He’s certainly more relatable than captain america, so that makes it better too. And he is quite an interesting character too.