Intriguing Historical Figuires

so i’ve been doing research for my latest novel and i’ve been stumbling across historical figures (both known and unknown) who interest me so much. one i’ve been thinking of lately is John Jacob Astor IV, who died in the sinking of the titanic. it’s just really interesting to think that he was likely the richest man on earth and he died just like that. not to mention that he was last seen on the ship smoking, and later was rumored to have clinging to a lifeboat with william thomas stead (another interesting person). i’ve also just found out about glenway wescott, who seems like an interesting figure too.

i know characters in hisfic are based off historical figures a lot of the time, so i’m curious: who in history do you finding interesting, and would you write a character based off them?

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This guy’s life was extraordinary:

Check out the insignia on his plane:

Replica patch based on his insignia:

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oh wow he is impressive! i always find it so chilling when people just disappear, especially when they’ve made a considerable impact on the world already. kind of reminds me of amelia earhart

also reading about his wounds made me do a double take. he was that injured and still wanted to work!!


I love the detail of him spending a night out carousing, then roaring up to the flightline to take off with the dawn patrol in the tuxedo he wore the night before : )

I have in plan to write several novels/novellas about some historical figures. From the political side, I selected a few Giudici (kings) - Gonario di Torres, Barisone d’Arborea, Mariano IV d’Arborea, Giudicessa Eleonora - and from the scientifical side Emmy Noether, K. Schwarschild, Annie Mauder. For now :rofl::sweat_smile:


Quite a few to be honest. I like reading the Badass of the Week, and history books, so there are always fascinating stories and people featured there.

My obsession for a while was Duke of Faenza, Astorre Manfredi, and I finally written a fantasy that was dedicated to him though had little to do with his story.

Currently, I am writing about the last Rurikovids in Russia, Godunov etc, with Vasili Shuyski being my focus (eventually).

Queen Cynethryth is pretty cool. Supposedly she kills her daughters fiance because she was jealous she loved him. She also kinda ran the mercian court at the time (790s AD) and she had coins made of her which was unusual and people hated her for years after, and were scared to make a queen powerful because of her. For the last kingdom fans out there she also became a abbess at cookham when her husband, King Offa died.

All I know is from internet research and it was so long ago no one acc knows what happened, so don’t kill me

I’ve been fascintaed with Lyudmila Pavlichenko ever since I saw a video about her on the drunk history channel (I’ll put the video blow. Because the storytellers are drunk it’s not going to be 100% historically accurate, but it’s funny.) She was an incredible female sniper who was friends with Eleanor Roosevelt.

If I were writing a WWII story or a story where I could write a character based off of her, I probably would. She’s a very interesting woman and I think she would also make for an interesting character.

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Oh my its such a great story

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