Introducing Bonus Coins

Hi folks -

Excited to share some news from the Wattpad Premium team, as I know there’s been a lot of discussion on Premium and Wattpad Coins in these forums.

Today, we’re launching a new way to :zap: supercharge :zap: your Wattpad experience with a new feature available exclusively to Wattpad Premium subscribers: bonus Coins.

Premium subscribers can now access bonus Coins—up to 66% more Coins free—with every purchase of any Wattpad Coin package. Coins can be used to unlock Paid Stories and discover even more great reads.

Note: If you are a Premium subscriber and are unable to access Paid Stories, see your Coin balance, or find your wallet, please make sure you have updated your Wattpad app to the latest version.

You can find more details about Wattpad Premium and our bonus Coins offering, at our Premium website.

So this will technically be working as a discount for those with Premium, as they have to pay less to get as many Coins as free users.

Does the amount of free Coins vary based on which package you buy? Such as, buying 10 Coins gives 2 extra Coins but buying 50 Coins gives 15 extra Coins?

Is there any way for non-Premium users to get coins other than buying them?

We wouldn’t call it a discount as the Coin package prices are the same across Premium and free users, however you do unlock more Coins as a Premium user.

Yes, there is a variance in the amount of extra Coins one receives depending on the package you buy. If you’re a Premium subscriber, you can see the bonus coins per package right in your Coin Shop.

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Nothing available at the moment, though the product team has heard this request many times from the community, so they’re aware it’s something people are interested in!


Maybe I’ll consider premium, now that I could get some free coins.

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The request all of us have voiced far more often than this one is a way to earn coins, as most of us are broke teenagers.

Could there be ways that other apps use, like watching videos or doing “tasks”? I suggested this one months back, but it’d also be amazing if services like reviewing, editing, and graphics-making could be paid in coins too, to reward high quality help.

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Yes, this one has been heard loud and clear!