Introducing New Story Features


Hi everyone,

Gabby here from Wattpad HQ! :wave: Wanted to share exciting news about some new things that we’re rolling out today. And what are they?

We’re introducing 3 new features you can add to your stories! :tada:

These are:
Main Characters
Target Audience
Time Setting

What does this mean? As you know, there are millions of stories on Wattpad, and we’re constantly improving our technology to better understand the massive library of content that is available for us. These new story settings will help Wattpad better understand your story, and help us explore the stories on our site more strategically.

Main Characters
This allows you to tell us about who your main characters are, and can help you keep track of them. More info about Main Characters can be found here.

Target Audience
This tell us who you believe your story would appeal to most, from middle grade to adult, the majority of your readers will most likely fall into one of these demographics. You can read more about Target Audience here.

Time Setting
You can now choose on per-story-part basis what time period the story part is set in. This can be historical, present, to centuries in the future! More info about Time Setting can be found here.

We’re really excited to roll out these features to give authors the tools to help us better understand your story! At this time, these settings will not be public or be seen by anyone other than the author and Wattpad, but implementing these features does give us the potential to build upon them in the future. Of course, if we do make any changes, we’ll let you know.

If you have any other questions, or if there’s anything that isn’t answered in the FAQs above, please ask! We’ll be here to answer. :blush:

All the best,

New Feature!! - Main Characters List

Is it normal I can’t see the Time Setting yet?


It should appear when you go to the story part settings! 30%20PM

If you’re still not seeing it, let me know! :blush:


This is awesome.

I just have one question. What info should we include about the Main character? In the field it says name, but should we add age and other info too?


Is it only on the browser version or also on the app version?

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Not sure if I understand what the main character feature is supposed to do.


This looks really cool!

Just out of curiosity, is this being implemented with the intention of becoming public at a later date, or is it more of a case of seeing how it goes? Also, is there any particular way the information will be used by Wattpad (for example certain rankings, wattys, profiles, finding certain types of stories, general data collection - that kind of thing)?

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to trying this out! :smile:


Oh yes, I just saw! Thanks. I’m not going to go through 69 chapters to set them all to contemporary though :sweat_smile:


They! Just add their name! Only first name please :slight_smile:


Only the browser version


Will it be implemented on the app too? Or are there no plans for it?


Alright then.


Hi! @gabby I think the links on your post are not working. :blush:

So, I’d like to know if this new feature will help readers find the stories they’re looking for or if it’s just for WP to understand how writers understand and categorize their stories?


For now the Main Character feature does not “do anything”.
But in the future we hope to add features that help analyze the character in the story (persona, role etc).

New Feature!! - Main Characters List

No plans for it anytime soon.


Oh my goodness, this looks really cool! I didn’t even know something like this could be a thing!

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For now it will be used by Wattpad only to look for certain types of stories for certain opportunities and as general data collection.

Also we might add these as viewable by readers at a later date, but that date is undetermined.

New Feature!! - Main Characters List

Okay, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Will having the full name cause any problems? Is there a reason for only first names? Just curious.

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Sorry I should reword. It’s not necessarily just first name only. It should be “most commonly used name in the story”. The reason being is we need to be able to pick out the character’s name in your story text more easily both visually and through machines - so just write the name most commonly used in the text of your story to facilitate this.