Introducing: Story Insights!

Hi everyone!

Over the last few months, we were beta testing a new feature with a select number of writers on our platform, to capture their feedback and understand the feature’s ability to help them develop their writing craft over time.

Today, we launch this exciting new tool to enable Wattpad writers to access fast, confidential, and actionable feedback on their stories. Introducing: Story Insights, available only from Wattpad. We know that every great story is shaped by an amazing editor. With Story Insights, there’s an easy and fast way to uncover insights that will empower you to take your own story to the next level. :star_struck:

The tool is initially being rolled out to writers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, for stories written in the English language.

So, what’s this new tool all about?

We designed the Story Insights tool is to empower you, our valued writers, so you can hone your craft and get primed for professional writing opportunities on Wattpad and beyond.

Using the tool, you can create a Story Insights report, generated using a machine-learning algorithm, unique to Wattpad. It evaluates your story against Watty Award-winning stories, Paid Stories, and Wattpad Books in order to rate your Writing Complexity and Reading Accessibility. It also analyzes your story to highlight Reading Time, Sentence Length, Adverb Usage, and Word Repetition by part, while giving you benchmarks for each of these metrics. Having this feedback will help simplify your editing process, and enable you to improve both the quality and success of your storytelling.

Writers can purchase the report for an introductory price of USD $9.99*. This is a one-time purchase, available on desktop web and purchases are non-refundable.

Wattpad Stars enjoy unlimited Story Insights

As part of our continued investment in the Wattpad Stars program and the writers that make it the wonderful talent pool that it is today, Stars can enjoy an introductory offer of running the Story Insights report free of charge, on all their stories.

What to know before you start

  • To ensure the report is as accurate as possible:
    • Your story must be written in English
    • Your story must be published on Wattpad
    • Your story must comprise of narrative storytelling, and not poetry.
  • While having a Completed story is not a requirement, the minimum length of your story should be around 3,000 words.
  • The tool only takes published parts into account. Any parts you wish to have reviewed should be published on Wattpad, and not hidden away in your drafts until the time you have received your report.
  • You should ideally only include published parts that you consider completed, excluding content such as author’s notes, cast and character descriptions, playlist recommendations, etc. for the purposes of the report

How to purchase the Story Insights Report

  1. Sign in to your account on using a desktop or laptop device.
  2. Select “My Stories” from the “Write” drop-down menu on the top right of the page.
  3. Click the “Stats” button on the story you wish to get feedback on, followed by the “Story Insights” tab.
  4. Click “Get report” and enter your payment details on the next screen. If your payment is successful, your report will be updated in the Story Insights tab within 24-48 hours and you will be notified in your Wattpad Inbox.

We hope you find this new feature to be a useful addition to your writing journey. We’d love to get your feedback on your experience with the Story Insights report and what you would like to see next, so feel free to use this space to send in your suggestions.

*ETA: The Story Insights report was launched at an introductory price of USD $19.99. Since its launch and, taking into account the feedback received from the writing community on Wattpad, we have made the decision to lower the price to USD $9.99 to enable more of you to access it and provide us with feedback on how to improve it. Please note that some of the comments on this post may relate to the original price of USD $19.99. Please see more details on this post.

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Hi, Emma! :wave:

Thank you for the info! This feature has all of us intrigued for sure!

Do you guys have any idea of when this might get accessible from France? (For stories in English, I mean)

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winces at the price @prisim you may be interested too?


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Is the introductory price for the first purchase forever, or will the first time price eventually be the same as the regular price?


At this point I think I said my peace in the other thread. No sense beating the poor dead horse :rofl:


From my understanding Wattpad Stars get it for free and in order to get into Paid Stories you must be a WP Star so this program only seems to benefit Stars?

So you have to pay initially $20 (then eventually $40) per report per story? Wouldn’t a subscription be more cost efficient for writers? And would also benefit the company?

I have 8 novels that would be $160 or when the price goes up, $320. I could buy a lifetime license of PWA, Hemingway, or Grammarly for less and can be used for an unlimited amount of stories.

I feel that this is a “pay to win” program for Wattpad. If you can pay for this software/program than you have a higher chance to be in the WP programs. If you can not pay your chances of being in those programs are very low.

I don’t mind paying for help/insight, but this method and amount for one story doesn’t seem worth it with other competitors with more reasonable pricing. Also, there seems to be no sample or preview to see if it would be worth it before purchasing something that’s non-refundable.


Hello! What’s Wattpad’s ideal usage of the feature—when the story is Complete, or before and then again after? I feel as though the report not being dynamic means you won’t know if you’ve fixed any problems you’ve identified. And wouldn’t it make sense to check before the story is complete, perhaps halfway, so that you know if you need to change something before you’ve written/published the whole draft? And needing to publish parts! But what if we want to perfect the story before posting it?

So: how is HQ envisioning the usage?


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The introductory price is $19.99 USD per report (not only for your first report, but any number of reports you purchase thereafter). The introductory price is essentially a special launch price. Let me know if that gives more clarity.


I wish I could use it but I don’t like online transactions.


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And for the price, is there maybe lower offer in the future? Not for me though since I can’t afford it. Also haven’t been using Grammarly either (oops!)


i’m sure this is a great feature, and maybe my concept of money is warped, but $19.99? if i convert that to my country’s currency that’s 7246 Naira! I could buy full hearty meals for all 6 of my friends with that cash!
but what do i know about business? i’m only 14

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Hey! Thanks for your comment. It’s great to know that you would see more value in this being a subscription product - this has been a topic of conversation at HQ and our learning from this initial launch will help shape how we take this feature forward.

@nick can speak to the criteria in more detail, so I’ll only say that writers are selected for Wattpad programs based on the quality and potential of their storytelling. How you choose to meet that criteria is completely up to you, whether you use the Improve your Writing Club, feedback from other Wattpadders, a professional editor or other free or paid tools available in the market.

The Story Insights tool is simply providing an additional/alternative path to help you improve your storytelling in a way that is very unique to Wattpad, to develop your skills overall as a writer, and edge you closer towards professional writing opportunities.

You can view a sample report if you visit Write > My Stories > Stats > Story Insights on the desktop web version of Wattpad. Hope this helps.


Just another reason I want to be a Star!


Is it possible to give us an idea for how long this price will be available?


Hello! When we asked some writers about how they would use this tool during our initial research, they mentioned that it would be most helpful to run the report on stories as they were adding new chapters. When you choose to run the report is completely up to you. If you’re super confident in your writing style and would like to make one final round of edits to your masterpiece, feel free to run it once you complete your story and work through the suggestions provided. Alternatively, running it after publishing a few chapters would be preferable if you want to get early feedback that will shape how you write the rest of your story, and reduce the overall scope of editing as you go forward.

Like you, I would also love to perfect my craft before putting it out there for an audience to read, so I would suggest a little temporary workaround of publishing all the parts you wish to have reviewed, ordering the report, and then moving those parts back to drafts after receiving your report (usually within 24-48 hours), so you can then edit them to a level you’re satisfied with.

Having this feedback is super helpful though, so thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are considering enabling you to run this on unpublished stories as the feature develops over time, because we understand that publishing can itself be such a critical milestone.