Introducing Story Notes


It was requested that I, Nick, put a post in here about a new Wattpad feature that I did not build and deserve none of the credit for (it goes to the lovely team that did build the thing!). And, as a personal pantser, I can think of no better person than me to introduce…Story Notes!

This is a new tool for writers to help you store and track ideas and information around your story within Wattpad. It’s something I should really be doing more (my current solution is to reread my entire story and memorize). The Notes are also very focused on core concepts of your plot and characters so you can refer back to them, and it can also help keep you on track. I know I talk a lot in here about story arcs, asking where a story is going or coming from, so this makes me super excited to know everyone can mark these things down and keep them top of mind, whether they’ve planned out nine books in a series or if they still aren’t fully sure how it will end.

Here’s how it works:

Story Notes is a structured form you can fill out with details about your protagonist and your story’s plot. The form helps keep you concise and to the point so that the story notes can act as a quick reference guide for you as your write your story. Both about who your protagonist is and where you want to go with the story. Can be accessed on Desktop Web only from your story details page. English and Desktop web launch for now. New languages to be introduced in the new year.

Please note that if you’d like your story to be considered for future opportunities with Wattpad, you can fill out the full form, which includes a section to mark the story as open for us to consider.

Let us know your feelings, and also make sure to let others know about the function and spread the word!

This sounds like an awesome feature, thank you team!

Oh, like now now :eyes:


Thank. Goodness.

Now I can keep writing notes in my journal as well as on here, so I don’t have to keep running back and forth to transfer/look at them. This is great.


hello anyone there


Sounds like an awesome feature. I am excited to try it out.


Since it’s all very standardized, will this serve as a way to get some awesome new and interesting stats out there?

(Also, the Protagonist’s attributes should be a little easier to scroll through, it’s not quite optimal yet I think)

And what of stories with multiple protagonists? Will there be a way at some point to have “Character 1”, “Character 2”, “Character 3”… ?


This is awesome! I can’t wait to give it a go.


This could help mess writers like me soo much!
I can start organizing writing now, and not be lost in a mess that is my story. :joy:
Pleased and delighted!


Hmm, interesting, I shall have to investigate this

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I actually need these :eyes:

I’m going to mess around with it and then come back with any feedback.


was up everyone!

Casually rushing off to go and have a look :eyes:

…reaction a few minutes later: :heart_eyes:



It was the same with the Watty form, which was a complete nightmare to fill out when your book doesn’t fit into a single protagonist form. :weary:


I love this! It makes planning much easier :slight_smile:


Same question! One of my current stories alternates between the povs of three characters and I have at least two more stories planned that will have two/three protagonists. I can’t possibly just pick one as they all get pretty much equal spotlight throughout the story.


I’m going to go a bit against the trend here, but… honestly, I will never use this. I’m a die-hard pantser who never knows any of this before I actually write it, and I write full stories, or at least full arcs, in advance elsewhere before sharing them. I keep my own notes, in a customized form that adapts to which project I’m working on. There is absolutely nothing in this that’s of any use to me. But if it works for others… great, go to it.


I just checked it out and it already looks amazing!

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Interesting…I’ll have to have a look when I have access to a computer

Yes. Now I don’t always have to open Google Docs just to take down tiny things. I’ll still do it, but this is so much more convenient!

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Okay, I just came back from looking at it a little closer and it seems like it might prompt me to think about a lot of things surrounding my story. I’m a little bit of a chaotic planster but want to get more organised and this might help in structuring some things, especially when it comes to questions about development or endings.