Introduction to me: Experienced reader but new writer!

Hey there everyone!
My name is Katie and I am so happy to finally explore the social side of Wattpad.
I love to read and have been reading on Wattpad for the past 8 years. I started writing around the same time, mostly romance. I am working on a romance novel currently but I do want to have most of the chapters written before I start posting.
However, I have published a poetry book on Wattpad.
I absolutely love pasta and anything Hallmark!
My ideal evening is sitting with a cup of hot cocoa and reading.
I love anything with romance and I am a University student.
Tell me about you too!!


Hey there, nice to meet you:) I also write poetry.

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Hi Katie! Nice to meet you. :slight_smile: I’m new to the social side of Wattpad, too. What kind of romance are you working on?? I think your ideal evening sounds fantastic, and I also love anything with romance!

I love young adult books – reading and writing them. I’m also working on two adult romances, though, and a middle grade horse story. So far, I’ve only posted some of my YA stuff on here. The one I’m focusing on is a YA light sci-fi with romance.

What are you studying in University?

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Hi Katie! I’m Amy. I am also a romance writer. I recently finished a dark, suspenseful romance and have started another.
How close are you to posting?


Sameeeee. Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I’m a university student too, although I haven’t been writing for nearly as long as you have. What year in school are you? What kind of romance are you writing?

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Romance-fantasy satire writer over here :slight_smile:

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Hi! Welcome to the the social side of Wattpad. I write Romance too and also mostly read it. I’ve been on Wattpad for about five years. :grin:

What kind of story are you working on?

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Hi Katie!

Welcome to WP(social) but I must say you have been on WP way longer than me so I do not have the right to welcome you …lol!
I was a reader for about 4-5 months after which I decided to share my writing.

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uh I gotta be honest, I have no clue how I got here and this is my first time looking at these forums so I’m hella confused. I legit didn’t even know wattpad had forums until two minutes ago

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Hi Katie!! It’s nice to meet you. I’m San :slight_smile:

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…hi katie I’m hannah,

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you and me both, i just got here like yesterday

Oh that’s sick do you write stuff? Also I feel like an actual geriatric cause this website is so confusing wtf

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well, I’m trying, i used to write them before so my friend kinda dared me to man up and publish them,

i know ryt, i just look through some of the conversations though. and join for a little bit.

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

This post seems better suited in #the-cafe so I’ll go ahead and move it over there.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding,
Fray - Community Ambassador :frog:

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that’s awesome, are your stories on wattpad? I’ll check them out if they are

…uhh i think it’s not allowed to write it here, I’ll just look you up,

Hello Katie and others! I too am new to Wattpad and these forums (and creative writing too - 1 story on Wattpad and 2 on Episode).

Side note: I joined a forum conversation the other night and it turns out they were all blasting messages to get the forum to 10,000 messages so it would be closed - which means I was getting constant notifications and couldn’t keep up with the messages. I think my mind literally exploded, haha. But I digress.

I enjoy a variety of stories, my preference changes with my mood. I would probably say, in general, I tend to gravitate towards thriller type reads. I used to love reading James Paterson novels. Nine years of university kind of burnt out my desire to read but I’ve slowly started trying to get back into it again. But now I’m busy writing so that takes up a lot of my free time.

Anyhow, I am rambling now. Nice to “meet” you Katie and the rest of you in this thread, I look forward to hearing about you all and your experiences with Wattpad (etc.). Happy reading and writing to all!!



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Hello! How are you doing today/tonight?

Fantasy writer here, though I do include romance in a few stories. :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing! I really do like writing poetry. It’s like a window to the soul. What sort of stuff are you working on right now?

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