I’m not sure how many people are talking about this already but I’ve had a browse through introvert stories and they seem quite… stereotypical? Based on most of the captions, they seem to be “introverted, quiet, shy girl meets lively, outgoing, popular boy”. Whilst this concept isn’t necessarily bad on its own, it’s basically just good girl bad boy but with a different name.

I find the book-loving-coffee-drinking-UwU and the no-one-understands-me type characters annoying tbh. Introverts are often labelled as being shy, geeky, desperate to be different, edgy etc and these tropes do not help. Some introverts ARE these things but these traits are the only ones presented when it comes to introverts. Also not every introvert loves books. Just saying.

When it comes to romance, introversion is seen as a massive barrier. It stops the character from talking to their crush or it magically disappears when they’re in a relationship.
“I’m too scared to talk to him” <-- THIS is shyness (but sometimes seems like anxiety which the author just uses a “quirky” trait) Introverts aren’t necessarily scared of social interaction but would rather just not take part.
“everything changed when I met him” Yeah… no. You still need to recharge your batteries once in a while.
Where is the INTJ’s analytic behaviour causing them to be confused? The INFP’s optimism? These are missed opportunities!

And finally, the one I can’t stand. INTROVERTS CAN HAVE FRIENDS. Wanting to be alone does not equate loneliness.
(idk if anyone’s even going to read this - if you made it this far congrats)


Its true. Though introverts are more likely to have social anxiety, it doesn’t limit us to no friends at all.

Im an INFP, lol.



Being introvert all my life, I’ve spent much of my life on the football field with a whole team of friends around me that I also went to class with every day for 10 years. I was still very shy and I hated books for a long time, but that didn’t make me less introvert and it didn’t make me friendless or left out until other factors started to divide us with age.

This thought. Already crying over misplaced optimism and romanticism.


INFP’s tend to be “poetic” which can open the gateway for a character to realise “hey, this love thing’s not so easy” but it’s never done. These introvert stories never want to include the different types though :confused:


Ahah, we are mediators. Peaceful and what not, though I dont know if its a lot of INFP’s but I am fiercely protective over my friends.

You know, tropes right? All genres have their tropes and over used plot lines that have no twists at all. Unfortunately, lol.


It’s just sad to me that I’ve had the “introvert struggle” most of my life and when I get to see some representation it’s the same stereotypes I’ve had labelled on me. Apparently INTJ’s are analytical so I guess that’s what caused this post :woman_shrugging:t5:


I know an INTJ :calmwolf:

Introverts. Well, I guess its hard for people to display all the different kinds, which is weird, lol


That’s true. I have one character who is kind of an introvert, but it doesn’t stop her from having good social skills, being athletic, have self-confidence, and she’s not afraid to stand her ground. But … She’s also 25, and I’m not writing teen fiction. A lot of “introvert” stories make the shy girl the abused, nerdy, pushover who falls and changes for a man in one day. Oh, and she magically takes off her glasses and is somehow a princess. Please. I mean… Come on.

Just like every extrovert isn’t annoying and brash and pushy when they talk to people. I think the stereotypes are just easier for some people to stick to.


speak that truth. being an introvert vs being shy arent even the same thing. but they are used synonymously in most of these novels.


Hahaha, this! Meeting the love of your life does not automatically turn you into an extravert.

My wife and I sometimes ask for alone time from each other. Or sometimes we want to be together, but not talking to each other, so we’ll read together or she’ll play video games while I write. Love doesn’t mean you have to constantly be yapping at each other.


100% agreed.

But I guess it doesn’t help considering I am an introvert without friends in the real world. RIP.


Good point! Where are the adult introverts? There’s the opportunity for these stories to include introverts at the workplace!


The sad part is that you can be a SHY INTROVERT but it’s always seen as one or the other