InVerse Writing Competition 1



I recently published my first book and in celebration of that I am doing my first, and hopefully the first of many, competitions!
The Setting: My story universe “InVerse”

The Atlas is the first ever ship from Earth to go out and explore the galaxy. Already they have gone to multiple planets and discovered that magic does exist, though it is really just a naturally occurring element in the universe, and they have made enemies with a race known as the Gallians. Gallians are Blue skinned with neon colored eyes and hair. They hate T.C.I.P The Coalition of Interplanetary Protection, which governs over The Atlas.

The competition: Write a short story between 1000 and 1500 words about a crew member going down to explore a new planet. Things to consider: Is this the first time the crew member has been on a drop mission? What does the world look like? The people?

For full rules and details go to my competition book:

Award: A signed copy of my book Humanity Never Changes, and potentially even being brought into the canon of the universe.


If you bring something into the canon of your story universe will you give credit for it?


Always. I discuss it with the creator first and then make sure to put a special thank you in for the permission to use the work.


Okay thanks