Is anyone entering July NaNoWriMo?

What is NaNoWriMo?

National Novel Writing Month, in which writers set a goal (e.g. 10k words) and try to reach it. They also join ‘cabins’ in this site: where they discuss with other writers as they work on their novels. The goal can be as big or as small as you want and it’s okay if you don’t reach it! For me, and for many others I assume, it works as a great boost to get more writing done!

I already joined a cabin, what about you guys? Will you join? What project will you work on? What’s your goal?

Want to join a cabin but don’t know which one?

I’m gonna work on my poetry and my friend set me the goal of 3,1k lines. Around 21,7k-31k words. So… r.i.p.

And I just got these covers for my book and they're so good!


I’m thinking of doing NaNo. It’s be to start the second book of my Trilogy. Would aim for about 30 - 40k

Everyone always has such huge word goals and I’m just…

4k may be too much for me

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I always write everyday, so with the last lot of bursts I’ve had, I know I can do it. Plus with having an outline, it helps me tremendously since I can narrow my focus on single chapters rather than 1 main plot and 4 odd sub plots

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four subplots? :open_mouth:

My Trilogy follows about 8 characters, and it has a lot going on. It’s easy for me to narrow things down, and I’m excited to write this book soon because it ties up the past, present and possible future :wink:

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Oh, that’s awesome! :smiley:

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I want to but:

  1. I have no cabin I’m a loner don’t judge :cry:
  2. I have a story in mind but I don’t want to take time away from my main novel, and I don’t want to use my main novel in NaNo.
  3. I don’t even know if I’ll have the time yet.
  4. I’m thinking about setting a smaller target of 5K but (like you @FetchingPenumbra) that still may be too much for me :sweat_smile:

I have no cabin either. I’ve never done Nano Camp before

Same :joy:

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I have a link to a cabin you could join.
And the smallest goal you can is 30 words, you can set it as small as you want and then simply see how far you’ll get without the rush of reaching the goal :slight_smile: And you could focus on simply getting writing done, without specifying a project. To join a cabin you need to state a project, but you can just give a random title and it counts as a project.

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This accepts members:

I might join but July is a bad month for me.

Too busy?

I’m not sure yet.

I’m taking Physics in July.

So… four days a week of classes.

Ah I suck at physics xD
And my finals exam is in two days :ded:


My Physics final is tomorrow. :sob:

Once I grab some food, I need to get back to studying for that.

Good luck!!

Thank you! Good luck to you, too.

I think I’ll set a goal of 30 words and join.

Thanks, I’ll need it. After physics we write history. Like, half an hour after we’re done with physics. Real life double kill right there.

Yay :smiley: