Hello. I’m online. Let’s chat?

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Yes… though I shouldn’t be.

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Let’s chat.
How is your Mood?

Does hungry count?

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What time is it?

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Do you feel inspired?

How is your Writing?


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im alive and its 4am.

i need sleep

Not inspired to say but I felt shameful to not have updated in a long time so I’m writing. It’s going alright. What about you?

Hi, I deleted one of the images you posted. Can you please keep them PG13? Thank you!
Lina - Community Ambassador

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Hiiiii. What’s the time for y’all? It’s 9:30pm for me.

That’s a really good pic. Did you draw it?

For me it’s 1:10pm

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Where are you from?

Finland, an European country between Sweden and Russia. What about you?


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I am online as hell

I’m from New Zealand. It’s 11:30 pm now, getting late :smiley: Goodnight!

Nice! Goodnight!