Is anyone there?? If so, let's be friends!! 2.0

Welcome everyone to the second version of this thread! :smiley:

I didn’t know that I would have to make a second one as this was more like a dead sleeping place but I’m making a second one! :partying_face:


Yes this thread has rules.

1. Do not advertise your stories here.
2. Do not role-play.
3. Do not say mean things or things that might upset the other person.
4. Follow Wattpad code of conduct and please make sure you have read their guidelines.

That’s pretty much to it. Simple right?

Now let’s go and make some friends!

I will put up a tag list of my friends plus a few regular people.

Tag list
@AspenandMontana @TheresaGrayHerondale @AmnerisTenjo @QuartzMaster @Exequinne @houseofmirrors @darklings @kkimberlyn @Christieluv15 @DestinieShinLian @Fondness_Fantasies
@Rookieoftheyear2 @merlifan @DannyStellar @literaturecentipede @Dutchgirl5 @Amethyst_Rain

I will keep adding as I remember :sweat_smile:
I have pretty much the memory of a fish ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If you wanna be added to the list, just let me know :blush:


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Welcome :grin:

I am here … again!

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Welcome back :hugs:

And to answer your question, I’m in University :blush:

Great job :+1:

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Thank you :blush:

Hey there :wave:
Welcome to this thread :slightly_smiling_face:
How are you?

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Then you must be pretty busy.
I don’t understand how everybody juggles their chores so easily.
I am a mess!! :sweat_smile:

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A round two?! Woo!! :tada:

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Yeah :sweat_smile:
But it’s all about what you prioritize at the moment.
Like when you want to study, you study. Don’t let yourself be distracted :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone’s pretty much a mess, especially when it gets overwhelming :sweat_smile:

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Hey I’m great. I love an opportunity to make new friends.

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Briiiiiiii :heart:

Yes! I didn’t know that it would be possible! :grimacing::eyes:

How are you?

how’s the lurking going for you? :eyes:

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hey there! How’s it going?

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I’m glad to hear that :smiley:

Ooh that’s awesome! :grin:

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Really needed this advise.
Thankx :star_struck: :hugs:

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Omg hey!

Long time no see!

How are you? :smiley:

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I’m glad that I was of help :hugs::heart:

You are welcome :blush: