Is deleting Author's Note really necessary?


Hey. So I just got some several Author Notes chapters in my novel lately and is it okay to delete the older ones for the sake of organizing the chapters?


Definitely okay, and honestly, I would recommend it.




Good to know. To be honest, it’s really cluttered right now.


If it’s not important anymore, you don’t have to keep it. (:


I always notice that many become irrelevant after not very long. SoI do like to check through the book every now and again. Some of them weren’t needed anymore and I like to erase ones that feel dated. You can replace or erase any ones you please.

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Yes, please do. As a reader, I HATE Author’s Notes that are in the middle of the book. They’re find at the end of the latest posting, but I can’t stand having my reading experience interrupted with random notes in the middle. I’m trying to immerse myself – the notes jerk me out of the story.


Well, I deleted my past Author’s Notes and decided to keep one latest AN until the next one. Is that okay?

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If you feel okay with it, it is. :slight_smile:

I prefer to put them either directly in the chapter (really, really rarely) or on my message board (mainly) or not at all.


Yes. If they’re not necessary anymore, delete them. No one wants to read through a gazillion author’s notes. Or if you want to keep them, just combine them into one author’s note.


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I hate Author’s notes when they’re in their own individual chapter tbh


Boy… This is late.

And message board? You mean here?


It should be referenced that in some cultures keeping the author’s notes as an additional chapter is basically industry standard. This is why absolutes are usually a waste of time, because they’re usually about novels, and not serial format.

Submitting a chapter at time to a magazine, in many ways, is a different kind of business. Though that form (magazine) format seems to have died out in the west.

I should not however that with that approach, each chapter would be a self-contained story, and has more in common with television than movies. I would have thought this site would know that, but I guess not.