Is it a good idea to publish chapters daily?

Hi guys! I’m not exactly new to wattpad but I’m not exactly old either and I had a question in mind. I watched a youtube video from an established wattpad author who said that her secret to a million reads was to post daily. Now I’d actually have no issue with publishing chapters daily but I was wondering if it was actually a good idea. Any advice?

If that’s what you want… But I would suggest one or two times a week :slight_smile:
You don’t overload readers with chapters and it can be very manageable. Some of the more common schedules are:

  • Once a week
  • Twice a week (ex. Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Three times a week (ex. Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Once every two weeks
  • A less common schedule I’ve seen is only on weekdays or only on weekends

Personally, I find one of these schedules the most effective as it can draw out finishing posting a story, and help build a readership (audience) + it gets the algorithm to help you longer.

But really, consistency is key in all of these.


It’s a great idea, if you can manage it.

I think it may be a good idea if you already have your entire story written out in a separate document.
I think publishing daily can really burn you out, and lead you to posting chapters that are unedited and that you’re not passionate nor inspired about. Of course, it’s 100% your decision, I’ve just learned that the value of the content matters more than the amount of it.


Thank you for your replies!:blush: I’ll work on making an updating schedule!

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If you can manage it and you have a good amount of chapters, I’d say yes. If you have 5-10 parts, update once every week or once every two weeks. If you have more than that, try updating regularly (twice a week). If you have at least thirty parts, it might be good to update daily. :slight_smile:

I reached a million views posting one chapter a week (1,000-2,500 words) on Fridays. Occasionally, I would post an extra chapter during the week or I would put out two chapters on Friday. Personally, I think daily is overkill. It gives readers nothing to look forward to. The important thing, though, more than frequency, is consistency. Whether it’s once a week, twice, or three times, be consistent. Yes, you can occasionally skip a week in case of emergency, but other than that be consistent. Readers like to know that they can depend on you. Good luck!


Daily posts would be quite difficult! Once you create a schedule, your readers will come to expect that schedule from you, so you’ll be expected to post every single day. Life can get busy and all writers can get writer’s block, so I’d recommend posting every other day or 1-2 times per week to give yourself a little bit of “buffer time” in case you’re unable to post some days! There have been a lot of discussions on this in these forums and I think the general consensus is that 1-2 times per week keeps readers interested and helps keep writers from getting overly stressed!

I will say, I posted one story daily and another story one chapter per week and the daily one has far fewer reads and devoted readers than the weekly posting chapter. I think posting weekly allows your book to build up more excitement and more of a following.

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Personally, I don’t think publishing chapters everyday is a good idea. If the chapters are pre-written and you have edited your work properly along with some proofreading then it’s might work but if you’re planning to write the chapter within one day and then post it then it’s a no-no. The wattpad algorithm the author wanted to mention was that the works that are updated frequently time-to-time have more change at being discovered. If you want to take advantage of that algorithm then you can update once or twice every week. The most important thing is not the frequency of your updates, it’s the quality of your work :blush:


I second all of this.

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Give readers something to hunger for. Let the anticipation build and starve them of content a little so they’ll want more when you give them a little bit. Daily updates can be quite overwhelming to you and your readers.


I add a chapter to my WIP every Thursday at the latest. My days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I’m taking that into account. I think publishing every day would make it feel rushed, but you’re free to do as you wish.

I think once or twice a week would be a bit better, or maybe three times a week? Pretty much what everyone else is saying lol. Consistency is key.

I did this in 2014! :wave::grinning:

Was it a good idea? In terms of reader engagement, the answer was categorically no.

I think it boiled down to a few reasons. The casual readers aren’t always on Wattpad every day to read new chapters. Quite often I’d get people who’d comment maybe once a week to say that they’d missed my updates because there was so many of them. People were much more likely to binge read six or seven chapters in a row, but only comment on the most recent one. There also wasn’t any time for readers to digest the chapters and discuss them in the comments.

There was a significant rise in comments once I stopped the daily updates. Completed reads per part also increased. Like others have said, I’ve found the sweet spot to be one or two updates per week. It’s frequent enough to keep people interested, but spread out enough to keep them hungry for more :sunflower:

Another thing I think is worth mentioning is that people are much more likely to read a book once it’s marked as complete. My first book has 6 million hits. But when I was writing it back in 2011? I had 13 regular readers :grin:

My advice to someone trying to get more reads would be:

  1. have at least one finished book.
  2. stay active and engaged! get your name out there by reading and leaving feedback on other people’s books.
  3. Be consistent in your engagement. It takes time to get to know people and get your book out there - you probably won’t hit a million overnight. But over time, that steady and sustained effort will add up :wink:

Good luck! :blue_heart:


I have been posting chapters daily just to get my story off the ground. I figured the best way to get readers was to get the first 5-10 chapters out there and give the story some substance (not that it really worked, I have about 40 reads in the last 7 days probably all me…) But I think I am going to start slowing down and doing once or twice a week.

I’m tiring myself out a bit and feel like I’m not giving myself time to think and put effort into what I’m writing.