Is it okay to like writing about bad things?


I have been writing for a while now and all my stories are not about happy good things. I write about horrible bad things like people who have gambling addictions and people who kill. I enjoy it as well and I think that I might be a psycho or something. I do not believe my character’s actions are ok but I still like to write horrible things they do. An example would be my newest character Ace who has a gambling addiction.

He kills people for money and doesn’t care.
Note this is the same example I used earlier
Anyway, I would just like to know other people’s opinions on this.

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I write Dark Fantasy so most of the time, I don’t write about good things either. I also love morally grey characters who’re not always good. So I’d definitely say yes it’s more than okay to write about bad things. The world isn’t all sparkles and rainbows - and sometimes we need fiction and literature to reflect that :sparkles:


It does not mean you like writing bad things that it directly translates to you as a writer. It’s just part of how you wanted your story to be or it’s one of your strengths.


There’s a writing advice site that i frequent from time to time and they did a whole article on this a while ago :slight_smile:'m-bad.htm


Yes! It’s fine to write about pretty much anything - it in no way means that you want to do them or even condone them.


I mean, look at Stephen King and all the man is known for. His son too, for that matter. And Edgar Allen Poe. H.P Lovecraft. Sometimes that’s just what an author likes to write, it’s their genre. You’ve just figured out what niche you fall into in the writing world. It doesn’t have to reflect on you as a person.


I honestly tend to find flawed characters as the most interesting in many aspects. One such thing is if the character has had interactions and challenges and is put into a rather odd position. It’s honestly really interesting and in some ways an enlightening perspective, wondering how someone in that area would approach this. I know in my work I’ll be having all my characters be flawed and some more than others, but I honestly really want to see just how deep I can go in it. Bad things are a part of life and writing is a means of talking about life in a way you can uniquely.


it’s all about how you present it ~ don’t make it come across as like a personal manifesto and you’re probably fine :kissing_heart: nuance is good


No, you are not a psycho. I like to write about bad things as well, they’re more interesting to me. As long as you’re not glorifying those bad things or doing those bad things, it’s perfectly normal.


Not only that, but what the fallout is. An MC is put into an odd position or given a difficult choice - if they make a realistic decision, I want an a realistic reaction. Do they regret the choice they made? Do they stubbornly defend it, playing up that flaw in character? I think that’s what make character interesting.


Personally I don’t see the problem with it. People have this idea in their heads that the good guys always win. I actually find it kind of comforting to read stories where that doesn’t happen because I feel like it reflects the real world a lot more.
In my current story my friend asked me a question regarding the ending and I told her the opposite to what she wanted to hear. When she asked me why I just explained that my story was based on the real world, and the real world isn’t always great.
So really, no. I don’t see writing about dark things as a problem. I see it as someone who has a true understanding about life and can acknowledge the things some people choose to ignore.


Why do you think it would make you a bad person? For many people writing is a way to let their fantasies run wild without repercussions. Somewhere where they can vent or imagine the strangest and worst things imaginable. And that’s okay. You’re not hurting anyone and other people might even enjoy these stories as their own escapism.


It’s perfectly fine. Honestly, writing those things can be a way for us to process some things we’re dealing with. Just because we write about morally gray or wrong people, doesn’t mean we ourselves think, feel, or act that way.


As long as you don’t actually harm others, yeah: go ahead, write what you truly love to write about.


I think that the fact that you’re aware that these are “bad” things you’re writing, and that you’re questioning whether or not it’s ok itself proves you aren’t “psycho”. A disturbed person wouldn’t even consider it an issue writing (or acting out ) those things.


I don’t write happy things either, but we can discern reality from fiction. Writing about bad actions doesn’t mean we would actually act in that way, and therefore it’s fine. Horror is all about bad things, detective fiction is about bad actions and so can be fantasy or historical fiction. We can write about psychopaths and not being one :wink:


I would advice to go for depth, whether bad or good. Like if your character is a serial killer, why does he kill? What’s his motivation, and what led to him to not care about others at all? What is his moral compass and conscience, does he think he is justified or does the guilt keep coming back at him but he can’t stop going on? That way, your character becomes much more than a random evil character, who might not be very likeable as a protagonist