Is it worth selling an old book to Dreame?

Hey guys, I’ve been contacted by someone from ‘Dreame’ offering to buy my novel in an exclusive contract for $200.

I did a quick search of them here in the forums and it’s clear they don’t have a great reputation. However the thing is, the book they’re asking about was written when I was younger, so I have no real interest in it anymore besides letting it stay up on wattpad. So in this case $200 is $200 more than I’ll probably ever make from this book.

Are they legitimate in their offer? And do you think there could be any negatives to selling the novel to them?

As long as you use a pen name on the cover of the book (contracts must be in your real name) I see no problem with it. You don’t want any name that might seriously publish later to be associated with it.

Can I ask why?

  1. Because I assume you’re getting better and better as you get more experience. I certainly wouldn’t want anything I write now, professionally, associated with something I wrote when I was learning.

  2. Because once you take that check, you technically aren’t a debut anymore. If you have any dream of traditional publishing, then you don’t want them finding self published writing when they search your name. It’s not that self publishing is bad, per se – but it takes away your debut status. AT that point they want numbers. Good numbers.


Wow thank you for expanding upon that! Now it totally makes sense to me!

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Dreame is a scam and not worth it. If they reached out to you on Wattpad, that’s against Wattpad guidelines and Dreame 100% knows this. They’ve been doing this for years.

Please report the account that’s connected to Dreame so Wattpad can shut it down.


kidnap their orangutans, hold them hostage for a higher payout

If they are a scam publisher, which seems to be the general consensus here, you better read the contract very carefully. You may not actually get the $200 and/or you may be giving away future rights that you don’t want to.

For example, pay close attention to how they pay. Are there hidden costs that reduce the $200? Is the $200 considered an advance that if not paid out (you don’t earn $200 on sales) then you have to pay the advance back? Are you obligated to buy anything? Stuff like that.

As to future rights, make sure they won’t own the rights to your future books.


What people above said

I looked at their guidelines. Really sketchy. There is one clause that allows them to chance their guidelines without telling the user.