Is my story complete if I didn't edit it yet?

I would like to participate in the Wattys.
My book will probably be finished in July, but I need to edit it too.
Can I mark it as complete if I should edit it?
If I mark it complete, can I keep editing it?

Yes you can still edit a completed work, I have couple poetry collections marked complete and I still edit them ever so often

Just make sure that you edit before submitting the form for the wattys as the book has stated (The one that talked about the new rules of Wattys)


Is my story complete if I didn’t edit it yet?

Complete? Yes. Completely complete? No. Not unless you are some sort of super human writer who churns out pristine material on draft 1.

Yes. And Yes.



Perfect answer


What does it mean?

@MathiasCavanaugh @dreams_i_have Thanks for telling me!

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Finished == complete. So complete is when it’s literally written and done, finished is when it’s polished imo.

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How long do you think editing will take? You can enter your story in the Wattys as late as September, so if you finish this draft by July you’ll still have a couple months to edit.

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Your first draft is complete and you can mark it as such if you want to since people do technically have a full book to read. But if you go back and start editing chapters, that ‘complete’ button is going to shift itself back over.

And depending how much editing it needs, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to bring in bigger crowds who will judge it based on the messy first draft available to them.

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download (90)

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