Is Reedsy Discovery A Scam?

**Note, I am a book reviewer, not a published author **

I received an email a few days ago from someone saying they were an editor at Reedsy Discovery and that my name had been given to them in passing due to my book reviews. Here is the message I got-

Hi there,

Did you receive Colman Keane’s invitation to join Reedsy Discovery as a book reviewer?

If you’re still undecided, you might like to know a bit more about how it works. As a reviewer, you’d be given exclusive access to our library of ARCs in exchange for writing reviews on Discovery. Any reviews that you write for us, you can cross-post to your blog and social media accounts as well!

And since Colman recommended you, you’ll receive a $50 welcome reward after publishing your first review.

Side note for this- I also had another email from them prior to this with very similar wording. I was laid off from my job to the current situation and so, the money would be very handy for helping family members who are having to isolate receive the essential supplies that they need. If I could get some advice for this, that would be great!

I don’t think that’s a scam. I think it’s spam. :slight_smile:

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I don’t really think they are scam or spam for that matter. Seems like a legit group. If you just want to earn a little money for the time being, I think this helps. Of course, you’d need to do some research and speak on terms and services but it seems pretty good.

Especially within this period of covid-19 where any little bit of money you earn could help out, I say it’d be a big mistake not to take them up on their offer. After all, it’s not a full time job.

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Thank you both! @XimeraGrey @AnushkaTybil :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

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I have an account on Reedsy, posted a couple stories there too.
I think they are desperate to get more people reading other peoples stuff on there.
I have three stories and have only ever received one comment on one of them.
And they are always emailing me to telling me to read other peoples stuff :sweat_smile:

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Reedsy is strongly pushing its review service, trying to muscle in on things like Onlinebookclub, Netgalley or Kirkus. I looked at them and decided against it, as they couldn’t deliver enough proof of delivery.
I would say, the service is legit, maybe they even succeed eventually, just right now the chances of getting enough reviews is not very high.


Oh wow haha, sounds like they are very active then XD

Thanks for your insight, that’s really handy to know. I did get approached by Online Book Club a while back however, they were just spamming me too much so I left. :slight_smile:

what i got an account on there is, they post prompts every week and have a 50 dollar prize for the best entry.
I APOLOGIZE Wattpad, you are my new babe, just giving a little shout out to an ex-website of mine.

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I’m a reviewer on there, but I mostly use Netgalley still. I use Reedsy to pick up a handful of books to review a year to support indie authors. Outside of that first welcome money, you likely won’t see any other money for reviewing unless you refer other people who sign up to review. The $50 is a new tactic they are using to try to pull more readers and reviewers in. People can leave you tips too, but I’ve reviewed something like 15 books and made $3 in tips. Like others said, they are trying to expand and pull in more readers, hence reaching out and acting spammy.


Ah I see! Thanks for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:

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