Hi, my first time trying something like this >_<

Anyway, if you have not been living under a rock these past months, you would know that contests ran by normal Wattpad users are gaining popularity.

For me, whenever I go through the contest genres list, I never see Science Fiction offered. This isn’t just one contest book or two, it’s about a handful.
But when the genre is offered, I don’t see many entries entering the contests. The number of contest entries are always falling short from all the other genres, causing the risk of elimination of the Sci-fi genre in said contests entirely.

So the question is- do you think Science Fiction is underrated? Is it unnoticed and an overlooked genre?
Should Science Fiction writers try to stand up and defend, support this genre?
(Wow, this is starting to get melodramatic)

Anyway, it would be awesome to get a reply! (: What do you all think?


I’m not sure underrated is the word, but there’s definitely something going on. I mentioned it somewhere before, but I think it’s the fact it’s so broad. People will say they don’t like sci-fi at all when they mean they don’t like a specific subgenre, like dystopian. I don’t think that the majority of readers know how many different thing scifi encompasses.


I never even thought of that before but that makes more sense now :'D

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I found science fiction and fantasy unsatisfying because while science fantasy had been out for a while since Star Wars and The Matrix, I hadn’t found a science fantasy subset that was more like “Cyberpunk meets House Of The Spirits.”

By this, I mean the science fiction and fantasy I grew up with enjoyed considerably more magical realism because of the nature of Japanese culture in manga. Manwha, it Korean cousin, is truly amazing for this reason too.

So because of this unspoken rule bending in science fiction, it took me as somewhat of a surprise this was not the case in American literature. Combine this with the grain of my style originating with meeting a Mexican girl with a French name when I was in the 5 grade, I take my own dissatisfaction as a way of suggesting it not underrated.

But American culture doesn’t make it a ubiquitous as Manga/Manwha does, so it’ taken a a genre for Hard cience fiction.

Japan ha their own way of treating French culture in a way that’ amazing and difficult to explain.

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eperate thought a not to make above post to long.

Cain Saga by I think Clamp, i a good example of what I mean. ure it et in 19th century France. But at an angle, t kind of a science fiction novel. And it become more o a the series progress.

It just good a having other thing beide scifi to keep your interest. (A Rose For Bebe was great.)

But to me scifi hines when mixed with gothic horror.

Then there is Gungrave (a very gothic Western), Van Helsing, and bts of Boogieboop Phantom outside of traditional scifi fare.

As someone who writes sci-fi and enjoys reading only some sub-genres of it, I think one reason for this is that it’s hard to know what to expect of the genre.

Science fiction can be aliens and robots and all the tech-thingies, but it also can be based on soft sciences and have none of that stuff and anywhere in between. If you’re like me, and, for example, don’t quite like too hard science (or soft science, or anything, depending on your preferences) if you’re going to just ask for sci-fi (in general), you’re likely going to get a lot of what you’re not gonna enjoy.

Thus, if I were to be a judge in a contest or something like that, I don’t know if I’d dare to take on the sci-fi genre despite dearly enjoying it when I can filter and decide myself what I want to read. In the same way, I’m not even sure yet if I’d be brave enough to enter my dystopian novel into such contests just cause it’s very soft science-fiction and I’m under the impression that most people still don’t quite think of that when they think ‘sci-fi’.


Thanks for your input! (: it has cleared some of my confusion!
I find it a little weird that out of Wattpad, soft Science Fiction books do so well and yet, it’s hard to appeal to the Wattpad community of Science Fi especially since most of them have read the soft Science-Fi books as said above and enjoy it, too.

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Dystopia i kind of becoming a separate thing from cifi again anyway, and it could be argued it wa never science fiction or fantasy.

Dystopia is more a setting and not a genre.

I wrote a very dystopian Gothic western. But it encompasses nothing like robots and lasers. And scifi’s whole pretentiousness, masks an underlying reality: ay what you want about Fantasy, not all fantay trie to pitch Deep Space as realism.

It ironic that in a way, magical realism, that’s really not even fantasy to me, feels more like scifi to me.

Scifi is this blackhole that consumes everything it touches.

Despite on the other hand, telling you not to write those fantasy elements. It really kind of embarrassing. It’s sort of like a baby accepting mashed pumpkin even though it hate it. But I’m ready to get out of the god damn crib.

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If I seem testy, my keyboard is broken, and I’m having to sit in a lounging chair not really designed for computing,

Haha, it’s fine :'D You don’t sound testy at all!

Scifi has always been a small genre on Wattpad, and I really don’t know why. It’s REALLY popular in the movie industry at the moment, so you’d think authors would pick up on a trend like that.


Yes! And all the other genres have so many books based on it that it’s difficult to not get jealous! Look at Fanfic! Look at Teen Fic! :'D

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Its not so much its smallness, though its true on Wattpad. It seems like scifi has become something like the new Literary establishment to me. God forbid there is actually a new genre coming into fruition independant of scifi.

God forbid someone actually write about FTL travel with fairies in a fucking Fettucini western, and doesnt call it spec fic.

I mean it really is the logical extension of being to open to spec fic, that has reached its self cannibalization.


Haha yeah, but at least it’s more easy for us to get a high spot in the ranks ;).

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:'D The perks!

Every contest I saw had sci fi, and I actually was envious, because there were fewer entries than in fantasy. There are so many works that can be in either sci fi, fantasy or adventure that they all end up mixed up together in the user-run. I judged sci fi twice, and out of those 15 entries I had to read combined, I would have considered maybe five to be sci-fi.

And, yes, the dominance of the post-appocalyptic dystopian in the sci fi tag imo does not do the genre any favours.

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That’s so interesting! Please, I would love to have you share more! :smiley: Did some of entries deviated entirely from the gente?

Oh my gosh, *genre. My keyboard hates me

Well, it depends on the person’s definition of the genre. I am bias that way, because I see dystopian/post apocalyptic as more of a social fantasy. For me sci fi is more about space travel, and the encounters with the unknown, beyond human civilizations. While anything that is specifically human or derived from human mythology is fantasy.

So, here I am, wanting fast space ships and aliens, and I am reading about the tough gal surviving in the post-nuclear desert or having a congress with demons (or both). It was by no means badly written, and Mad Max is a cool movie, but I expected the Total Recall, you know?

That’s said, I did not feel as violated by dystopia in sci fi, as I was by absolutely anything entered in Adventure category. Now, that’s a capture all genre… I literally got a Definetly Not Assassin Creed to Anime fanfic.

But, overall, sci-fi is included in the user contests I saw. I neither judge nor participate any longer, but if you want, I can give you a name of the user who is tracking every contest and puts them on her profile. Or at least she did for a while.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, it has given me more insight to the topic!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the name of the user though it’s fine if you don’t! (:

And wow! It’s shocking to learn about the range of entries for the contests! :'D I had no clue that a genre could be so broad, like that.

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