is STARY PTE LTD a scam?

So I was just PM’d by some sort of Singapore publishing company called STARY PTE LTD and they claim to have two apps that have writing on them, and that they publish your stories and pay you royalties and things like that. I just have to wonder if this is legit? I looked it up online and it looked like they’re real, but like I cant imagine if they’re looking for wattpad authors that they’re perfectly honest about things? It feels like they’re targeting younger writers, which worries me. Has anyone used them, or been contacted as well?

I looked into that article, but i couldn’t really tell what their position was. It seemed to list legitimate contract stuff, as well as money involved. Idk

A Wattpad user did a breakdown of their contracts here. In theory, it is legit, but in reality I would steer far away. They’re really shady, and your story is worth so much more than what their contract would tie you into.

It’s also against Wattpad’s Terms and Conditions for them to try and ‘poach’ writers like this, so the best thing to do would be to report the account/ PM to Wattpad and let them deal with it.

I’ve also been contacted by them in the past, and the ways they’ve done so are equally suspicious and scam-like.

You can do so much better than that company - while it may not be the time now, I’d say bide your time and wait for a more legitimate opportunity in the future. In my opinion, dreame just isn’t worth it :hugs:


sounds good! That’s sort of the answer i was hoping to get :sweat_smile:


We need some scammer begone spray.


Wattpad tried, but the spray is not strong enough.


How about some fly swatters?


Against a swarm?

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How about a blow torch?

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What sort of approach is legit according to Wattpad T&C? Isn’t the exposure on here supposed to bring opportunities?

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You can read about what to do if you’re contacted by a publisher here. You can also read about the various opportunities Wattpad itself offers here.

Wattpad’s Terms of Service are here - there’s a section about Wattpad and commercial use there.

The main point is that if you’re approached, it may well be legit but it’s best to do your research first. There’s many companies like Dreame out there with equally shady contracts and it’s better to be safe than sorry :wink:

If you’re worried about whether an approach is legitimate or not, you’re always welcome to ask about it here in the #industry-insider club before going any further with it :blush:


Opportunities on Wattpad, yes. Not in the general publishing world and certainly not with companies who a) have shady T+Cs and b) use another platform to poach writers against the explicit consent of the platform owner.

Discussing the general publishing world is of course fine, wherefore we have (many) threads like this where people discuss external offers.