Is there a way to see number of comments?

So on my Wattpad profile page I can hover over a story’s reads and votes to see the exact number. Is there a way to see the precise number of total comments on a book?

Even for my own books, when I go to /myworks I can only see X.Xk comments. Is the only way to add up each chapter’s comment count manually?

The only way I can tell is by going through where you edit your chapters/table of contents. There will be an eye for reads, star for votes, and the bubble for the comments for each chapter.

Oh sorry, you mean total precise comments. I have no clue

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Ooh, I can only see the total comment count through Wattpad app. The total comment count is on the right. The message symbol.

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On the web you can go to the edit section and see it:

Screenshot_2020-02-15 My Stories - Wattpad

Press the gear on your profile in the story box and then you get to overlook all your stories. And there you’ll see how many comments it has in total.


Yeah that’s the problem I have! See your screenshot only shows “7.3K” but you can’t hover over it to see the exact number.

Oooohhh. Hmm. Yeah I don’t think I can get a more specific number on the web - not unless I count all the comments, chapter by chapter. :thinking:

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Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s as exact as it gets. The only other way is like Fray said. You’d have to check each chapter individually and then make a final sum.

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Such an easy thing for Wattpad to code! :pleading_face: