Is there a way to split your story in two?

I recently (finally) completed my first Wattpad story, and let’s just say, it is LONG. When I started the story, I had no idea where it would go or how many chapters it would get. As a result, I now have a book with a 105 chapters.

In the editing phase, I decided to split the story in two books. Now I’m wondering if there’s a way to transfer half of my chapters to a new book, including reads and comments, or if that’s impossible and I will have to do it manually if I decide to go through with this. Does anyone know?

You can transfer all your chapters by make a new book, but if you also want to transfer your reads and comments to a new book. Then I’m sorry I don’t think there’s a way to transfer your reads and comments.


Thanks! That’s a bummer… Guess I will have to lose my comments if I decide to go through with it!

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I mean the only way you can transfer your readers is just by making a chapter in your original story and notify them that your transferring your current book to a new book. Or you can also notify them on your feed if they’re following you.

105 chapters is not that long tbh :slight_smile: some books are 20. Long

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Oh yes, thanks, I know that :slight_smile: I meant like transferring the reads you already have.

Well, it’s 220.000 words, which is like 3 times as long as the average YA novel, but I guess for wattpad maybe it isn’t that long, idk. :slight_smile:

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I mean people who are willing to read two books will be fine with it :slight_smile:

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True! Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

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How long re your chapters? Maybe you could put a few together?

No, some my chapters are already on the long side, and most chapters change POV. Also, I don’t really think that would make a difference, because the story would still be super long. I’m either gonna split it in 2 and deal with my losses or just mention it’s 2 books in 1.

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I’ve seen some books like this

B1C1 B2C1 B3C1 That way they can determine the chapters and the books apart. I plan to do that with my story series.

My story series is 3 books long, and at least 60 chapters long in the first book.

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Yeah, you could do that too! I saw a book where there was that! It said: book one: something,

And later, book two:

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I think I’ll do that, thanks! :smiley:

No problem

Good luck x

We’re all here to help each other


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