is there an option for the writer to "self edit" in self pub?

okay I have 2 books finished, but one of them is going to be self, the other one is going to be trad. Is there writers that edit their works without an editor when it’s a self pub? I don’t expect to make millions, but I don’t want to spend $1,000+ on full copy, line and development editing. :frowning: Plus I’ve found places for cover designing so that I know I can manage. The book I plan to self publish is over 40,000 words.

Well yes, clearly there are plenty of authors who put their work out without recourse to an external editor, I’ve read one or two for review, but my reviews of them will never be public because I offered them to the author privately rather than slam the book in public. Can you live with the reviews you may get if you do this?

I’m just looking for someone to help that won’t be $1,000+ there was one for $500, but I lost their email.

Sorry if I seem cheap, but it’s true. I found them on

If you are self-publish an unedited book, these things are likely to happen:

  • You will get a bunch of bad reviews. Even for books that are given away for free or at a low price, readers expect a certain quality.

  • Your author reputation/brand might be tarnished to a point where readers won’t buy future books, even if you edit those.

  • Because of one and two above, your sales will dwindle to zero. Add that all books today have reading samples potential buyers can read before purchase (usually several chapters), and an unedited book will immediately stick out.

Hence, I highly recommend you either spend the money or not self-publish. Especially for a debut, there is bound to be so many issues with your manuscript you are not even aware of that the advice of a professional editor is a must. Once you have a good few books under your belt and worked with editors for several years, you might be able to skip developmental edits, but some form of copyedits or line edits is not something you’ll ever be able to do yourself. Self-publishing after running your draft through Grammerly as a “self-edit” is a really bad idea.

On a seperate note, even agents or small publishing presses expect a high level of editing before they look at your work. If you never worked with an editor before, it will show during submission. Considering that you will compete with manuscripts that were edited and polished to near perfection, chances to get out of the slush pile are even lower if you only rely on your own self-edits. At a minimum, get a critique partner who knows what they are doing.


Question, I was considering on editing it myself, but where would you recommend to go to for editing?

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I think a lot of people go through reedsy. I’ve got my editor through word-of-mouth, but you won’t be getting anywhere with her on a $1,000 budget. All the editors I know are about three times that much, so I’m not really the best person to ask.

where did you publish? trad or self?



I self edited and self published via Kindle. I didn’t have the resources to pay someone to edit for me. The best advice I can give, if resources are an issue to pay an editor, take 6 months away from your story before editing. Don’t look at a single paragraph. Write something else. Time away from your story is important, since the brain needs time to reset on any story you write. You want your brain to read the story from a fresh perspective.

I’ve self edited before and I don’t plan to put it out until my Moms birthday at earliest which is July 1st.

At least you’re not rushing yourself to publish.

Plus! I’m having issues with book 2.

Issues with flow?

It’s the word count.

It’s less than 20k words.

How long is the first book?

63,540 words.

Is there any way to combine the two into one book?