Is this Hybristophilia ?


That’s not really the same, but whatever


I don’t think you are crazy but I think your responding via feelings and not thinking it through.

Why is it not okay to love a killer?

Does that include soldiers?

what if the killer becomes born again and confesses to their sins and is living a good life?

What if the killer murdered someone but was not responsible due to mental illness?

What is the killer is a soldier doing his job?

What if the killer murdered someone who was doing a reprehensible thing to a child?

What if the “lover” is mentally ill?

All of this is ripe for fiction and for someone to explore in writing.


But it is, dependent upon context. The family of the people who that soldier killed are going to hate him and think he is the worst person ever. He took their loved one away. Do you think they are going to care about the cause? Heck, some of the causes we send soldiers to die for are pretty murky.

Furthermore, what if that soldier became a soldier because he loved to kill - gets a fix out of it like a serial killer. Now his motivation happens to align with a serial killer but it is government sponsored. Is it okay for him to have someone that loves him?


It still bears almost no resemblance to serial killing. Even if they personally like killing, it’s good they’re channeling that into something productive.


So no PM and we’re all good? :confused: I thought it was an issue but if the context is ok then alright.


Yes it doesnt go agaisnt guidelines I checked