Is this idea too much?

I’ve been planning a novella and I’ve already got a pretty good idea of who the characters are, how it’ll end and what the main events will be. I’m just wondering if I’ve made it too chaotic. I sometimes tend to go all out in an attempt to make things original, but then I end up with something crazy.

Here’s the main idea:

Thesia, the main character, gets trapped in her own dream. By trapped I mean that she’s unable to wake up and the dreams go on and on. The story is split into 4 parts, representing the four dream worlds that she goes through.

Everything that’s happening to her is based on her own wishes and fantasies. Because she’s been single for a long time and she never seems to find the right person for her, each world has a romantic interest (who turns out to be the same person at the end). The first world is full of adventure, because she lives a very boring, monotonous life. The second is a world free of sexism or gender roles. The third is a world free of homophobia because she’s pansexual. The fourth is a world free of human cruelty and selfishness.

Do you think this is too much? Should I change it?

I think this is a good and original idea. Through the dream worlds, readers get the opportunity to really get to know the main character in an original way. Will Thesia have changed by the time she wakes up?


It really isn’t too much, it sounds awesome. The only thing I wonder is about the four different words looking a lot like each other. The first world is original and stands apart from the others with adventure against everyday life. The other three are a lot the same though. Sexism, gender roles, homophobia, and cruelty/selfishness are much of the same.

If you make each stand out a little more I think your story will be really cool. I haven’t seen any story like it before.


Yes, I do plan to include some character development for her!

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It sounds really interestingly cool! and hard
I would def read it though!

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They’re actually quite different. Although the negative elements that are missing may be similar, the worlds themselves have their own themes. The second is like a festival, the third is a ball set in the Victorian era and the fourth has a lot to do with nature.

Thank you! :grin: It is a bit difficult, yes, but it’s also a lot of fun.

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The idea is great, start writing and you will see how it goes, maybe you can split into two books if you have a lot of action in mind. :smirk:

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Oh alright. I only saw what you gave me, and that looked quite similar. But if you can really make the worlds stand apart, than that’s good. Happy writings!

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ill follow you so I know when you’ll publish it :slight_smile:

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Aw, thank you! I wasn’t expecting to get readers already, haha.


I did that too :rofl:


@NayaDreamchaser @OutOfMyImagination errrr… 1.) because im a fangirl lol 2.) i rarely encounter unique stories in wattpad (though not all cliches are bad! they tug my heart too)

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I get that, there’s a lot of the same type of stories around here.

I love the idea! I think it might be tricky to convey the disorienting, nonsensical nature of dreams without loosing the reader. Sometimes when I read a dream based/unconscious world stories, what’s reality is so convoluted or confusing that it’s hard to track as a reader.

So it might be kinda tricky (it would be for me lol) but I definitely think it’s a great idea! Best of luck~

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The idea is really cool, but the fact that it is just a dream makes it a bit disappointing for me. Does it have to be a dream? Couldn’t it be a fantasy world where she gets trapped into? I think it’d be more engaging knowing that she’s actually experiencing these worlds physically too. Otherwise, I won’t feel the same connection with the characters.

This is just my very personal opinion, so feel free to ignore it. Good luck with it~


I feel like it’s not very original, actually—not that it’s too different but that the aspects have all been done. Being inside one’s own dream, trapped in dreams, dreams showing one’s desires—Yu+Me Dream covers half of this already with regards to WLW and escapism. I’m just not seeing the new ground treaded.

It’s also not very plotlike. There’s no conflict! Imagine if this were a fantasy world: she could die. Things like Sword Art Online and The Matrix may take place in ‘unreal’ spaces defined by the mind, but if you die there then you die in real life. Again you see how even that has been done before… and in this case, what are we building towards? “She wants to leave” may not be the most compelling conflict. I’m not worried about her. She’ll be fine. I should note that Yu+Me Dream also has this plotting problem (the author openly struggled with it quite a bit.)

So you’ve kind of got this situation with tropes that are not really plot-structured. I don’t know if there’s a story here, in the end.

Obligatory notices: There’s nothing stopping you from writing it. You should write what you want. Even if this story idea was somehow ‘objectively’ bad that would not mean you cannot write it. This is all my opinion and I’m a very nitpicky person! Remember we’re all strangers on the Internet. And, hey—I read Yu+Me Dream until the end (though it was hard.)


I don’t think it’s too much at all! If anything, it breaks the mould of a lot of books on here. Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

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Well I wasn’t expecting to be the only person who’d come up with this idea. I’m pretty sure it’s near impossible to write about something that’s never been written about in the past. If I try to come up with something 100% original, I’ll never write anything at all.

As for the conflict, she’s also in danger of getting trapped in an endless nightmare each time she thinks about the ugly reality too much. It’s not really an ordinary dream world because it’s influenced by something real. She can’t die but she can end up in a situation worse than death.

But yeah, I’m still working on the idea and I’m grateful for the input. It’ll help me adjust it better.


I don’t think originality of the overall idea is an issue at all, as long as you can put your own original spins on it. I’d also love to read it once you publish!

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