Is this preface fitting? CLOSED


I’m planning to add a preface to my completed short story, so I would like to know how fitting it is.

I’m looking for someone who’s willing to read my story (~ 10 minutes) and review the suitability of the preface below. It would be also great if you can tell me your interpretation of this preface.

I’m willing to give your story a shout-out to my followers (almost 300) in return.

Please read only if you’re interested.

Thank you!

My preface:

My Preface

This is a tale about a person, an intelligent, educated adult, and the equally intelligent, educated adults around him.

They might not have names; they might have too many.

They might be from a past era; they might be from this one.

But there is one thing I can ensure you: they are people in flesh and blood.

I admit that this tale wasn’t written out of entirely selfless purposes, but I like to believe that, when an author picks up their pen for this sort of affairs, apart from grief and pain, they also feel a wisp of hope, hope for the goodness and sensibility of humans to prevail.

My story:'s-secret

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Jesus Christ this took a huge turn to hell. I am so glad I found your story; it truly kept me engaged as your writing style is impeccably polished… and that ending I am haunted. I believe the Preface is suitable for this short story. Straight away I am given information on this (you say) intelligent, educated adult. His money has blinded his morale-it almost seems as though he can’t fill the void yet he is stuck in a limbo spending money and growing his ‘collection’ - the same things over and over again. It’s his drug, it’s his ecstasy. He has power and he knows it, he will always be the dominant, in control. Do add a little more detail on what the story is about in your preface, an engaging paragraph from your short story would be great as a preface to reel in readers.

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