Is this small press publishing?


llewellyn is my favorite company and their books are EVERYWHERE :). But is it a small press is what I’m curious about. ^.^


Llewellyn is an independent, family-owned publishing company. They’re a niche publisher – of decent size. They’re the largest in their particular niche.


ok because i have a few books i got from B&N.


They have a large bookstore presence for their nonfiction. I have no idea if they publish fiction at all, and if they do whether their books make it onto store shelves.


I study tarot cards and maybe I’ll make a MS to send over once edited and done but yes they’re my favorite peeps lol.


by the way someone said online that if youre accepted that you would get a 2 yr contract so for those 2 yrs you would write books through them
(something like that if i remember correctly)


No clue. I’ve never heard of that, but that doesn’t mean anything. I know a couple of people who have been published by them, and they never mentioned anything like that. But, then, I didn’t ask. (At least I think it was Llewellyn. I’ll have to verify that.)

Regardless, they publish nonfiction. You don’t send them manuscripts – you send a book proposal. And you have to have an established platform.

It’s nothing like publishing fiction.


ok thanks


Llewelyn is a trade publisher of spirituality non-fiction and while not a Big 5 I would not consider them small press. More on par with something like a successful university press.

They actually do publish a small amount of fantasy and mystery fiction, but it’s not what they are known for.


Like I got 5-7 books from them from thrift shops, online new age stores and B&N