Is your story interesting? [Based on title + summary]



8/10 I like the title. The plot you outline here sounds really interesting, something I haven’t heard before. I would definately check it out.

This is the only thing I would have left out. You finish strong and this kind of softens your summary.

When Arwyn finds out she has to marry in order to become Queen, she runs away with her best friend. Together the look for a place to live but when an old man aks them for a favor their world is turned uspide down. They slowly discover a forgotten history which will change everything they know about their home and their safety. Together they must find a way to bring the forgotten events known again and prevent the plans of the current ruler no-one knows.


I like the summary, it sounds interesting. Not something I’d read, but you know, we all have our tastes. But the title, I don’t get. 8/10 for the summary and 3/10 for the title. 3/10 because it’s pretty.

Run Devil
In which three thirteen year old girls, Elle, Mabelle and Ali, find a mysterious demon. Questions are left unanswered and secrets are kept secret. But demons aren’t the only ones with secrets, as Elle, Mabelle and Ali all have their fair share of kept secrets and mysteries about them as well. The three girls have to band together to find out where she’s from, and why she’s here to get rid of her before she wrecks havoc on the world.


7.5/10 for the summary, 9/10 for the title. The end of the summary was a little confusing. Maybe clarify the demon’s gender because you later mention a “she”. Other than that, it sounds very intriguing so good job!!! :blush:

Dancing with Demons
Eliza Pennsburg has always been a critical citizen of Eden, one of the four thriving nations left on Earth, in which the wealthier members of society gloat in the success of class division through the televised defamation of the less privileged.

For Eliza, the television shows that keep the wealthy entertained, robbed her of her childhood. Forced to mature at an early age, she had to raise her infant sister in a hostile and uncaring world. She vowed to protect and care for her at all costs and did so barely by the clothes on her back.

Now at the ripe age of nineteen, she is able to enter Lock-Door, the most popular television show in which seventeen people are locked in an estate, one of whom – a murderer. The aim: to solve the identity of the killer as people begin to die, one by one. In return, each participant is given a small fortune, and the rare winner is promoted to Eden’s elite class.

Eliza would never have dreamt of partaking in the game of life and death but when her sister falls ill, she is left with no other option but to dance with demons.


ooooooooooooooh can I just say I hope this is an actually story of yours cause I really want to read it. I love the fact that the summary ends with the title. Any chance perhaps you give tips on writing blurbs? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Burton’s Children (The Dark Charm-Caster)

The Burton’s have always known they were different
…what they didn’t know was they are the royals of a magical kingdom

The Burton children have never held a cellphone, never been to the cinema and never spoken to anyone other than themselves. That’s because they’ve spent the last fourteen years banned from stepping past the gates of the Burton Manor by their parents, who are terrified that just like their oldest child, Coraline, they too would be murdered. But everything changes when Anna Burton discovers a secret portal hidden within the manor leading to the magical kingdom of Cobadon; their true home. When she sneaks through, she is kidnapped, put under the control of a dark charm caster and made to perform a horrible murderous deed. Now it’s up to her siblings older brother Roger, the twins Elliot and Freddie, and little Violet to travel to Cobadon, save Anna and clear her name.

But all is not what it seems. As the truth behind Anna’s kidnapping comes to light, the children quickly find themselves dragged deep into a world shrouded in lies, secrecy and betrayal.


8/10 This sounds like a fanfic. When you mentioned Burton, it reminded me Tim Burton’s movies. Also Coraline was thrown in the mix. This made me strongly believe it’s a Tim Burton world mashed together. Or maybe not. Good summary though…

The Devil’s Inferno

Cursed to share his body with the devil, Kalleon is on a race against time. His existence will cease once the devil completely takes possession. To lift the curse, he must find the person who cast it in the first place; his own mother.

Tracking his mother is not an easy task. After all, Kalleon is up against the Supreme Sorceress. Where would he find such a person in a desolated world filled with monsters and mystic races?


:grin: I’ve actually been told that my story reminds people of Tim Burton even though it has nothing to do with him apart from the fact that I liked the surname. And I got the name Coraline because I loved the book Coraline and was obsessed with the name. :smiley: Thanks for your input


Hey! First of all, thanks so much for that rating! I really appreciate it! Secondly, yes this is actually a story I’ve been writing recently. The first few chapters are published and I’d love it if you gave them a read :blush:

In terms of tips about writing a blurb, I don’t really know (I’m a relatively new writer), but make sure you never give out too much information. Keep your sentences short and straight to the point and always end the blurb with a memorable line that readers will remember!

Hope that helps!!! :)))



I like the direction this idea is going, however it feels a bit rushed to me, I think this could really work out if you put genuine care and effort into it though. I think this could turn out as a very good story if you work on it though!

Children of Utopia

It feels like I’ve been dead for years… My legs slowly stop and I look at my hands hovering in front of my eyes, almost as white as the fresh snow that is laying on the ground. It looks lifeless, just like the world.

My name is Seren, part of the Gen-N project. A project with the goal to inhabit the earth once again, the earth that is an empty, broken mess. It’s been broken for 54 years now since the red rain, a devastating nuclear war that caused the end for most of humanity. I grew up in a tunnel network called “The Web”. A huge underground network of countless cities filled with people, however, food is running low and people are getting unhappy. So much that hunger and pain is starting to grow an uprising from the people that could grow to a civil war.

It would mean the end to all of us. And I need to go out to the world to fix this.


Honestly I want to read this,this genre is right up my ally so I will definitely be checking it out its much better than mine you caught my attention for sure! lol

I know mine probably needs work but that’s why I am posting here please give me all the feedback lol :sweat_smile:

Dear No One
Jadelyn is a 16 year old girl who has a hard life… abused by her widowed mother and bullied at school. She’s in love with her best friend/ childhood friend, Seth but when he finds his ‘true love’ and her friends begin to become cold and disappear. Jade begins to fall deeper in her own living hell. One day she’s had enough. She wants it all to end. She hides in her basement, she finds a hidden corner, just big enough to conceal her from anyone who tries to find her. While she’s hidden Jade finds a journal, from a boy that used to live there. At first she thinks nothing of it, but once she begins to read the tragic life of Noah her whole world spins upside down or right side up? This is a story of pain and suffer but also of love and friendship.



I think the title ties in really well with the content itself! Maybe you could shorten the summary some - The focus seems to be the journal so perhaps focus on that a little bit more than what led her to the journal. Also I think grammatically it should be “a story of pain and suffering.” Still though, it seems like an intriguing premise

Partners [Path Unlocked🔓]

HK800’s sole purpose is to hunt down and exterminate deviant androids before they become an actual threat to the human race. Cold, unfeeling, and entirely unalive, the android is determined to complete his mission and will allow nothing to stand in his way.

However, when paired with human detective, Connor Anderson, HK800’s mission is compromised, not only by his partner’s impressive ability to get in the way, but also the rising instability plaguing his system.


Tears Of Crows
When she finds out she is a vampire, she goes off the rails. So that’s how she ends up in the great city of New York City. What will happen when the new bad boy, Hunter Williams, comes to their school??


I still never got a rating on my book and now I’m sad.
I wanted to know what people thought of it.


Maybe that’s because you never rated a summary of someone else. That’s not how the game works


I like the idea of the story but when I read the first part, it seemed almost cliche. Nothing new or exciting about it. The second part though is far more interesting but still, it wasn’t all that new when it should be the part that really reels readers in. I think you should elaborate a bit more on the conflict. Mostly, why does his partner get in the way? But overall, just adding something more to make sure that your story stands out from the sci-fi buddy cop stories out there (It’s hard to believe but that’s actually a thing).

Wings of a Viceroy
Ezra Beautine, sixteen years old, is the heir of the Beautine family. His late entrance into the Nobilis Academy, school for Gentlemen, sparked gossip for miles around. In the all-male dorms where politics pull the strings, duels aren’t uncommon, and there’s no clear enemy, Ezra has to find a way to survive.

And hide that she’s a woman.


Lol when I read Ezra Beautine, I so thought I was reading about a girl until you said he, but she is a girl :). This sounds really interesting, I like the summary and the way you worded it. You didn’t give too much away but also left that last bit on like a lil cliff hanger. I’m definitely interested in reading to see how exactly she goes about living around a bunch of stinky boys without giving away that she’s a girl lol.

Drama Hill

The Seniors of Layside High enjoy their final year of high school. Friends, fun and parties but it’s always drama at Layside. High schools a roller coaster, but at the end of the ride will their friendships withstand the drama that unfolds and will the young love last?

A/N: I started this story in like 2010, so my writing style is a lot different now than it was then. I only did a little editing to this completed story(updating chapts one at a time though because of fo editing) which is the first part of three. I love writing and write a lot, but the last thing I’m good at is writing a summary, but I’m looking forward to some feedback on it.


So the problem I have here is you’re not really telling us anything about the plot of the story. We know it’s set in a high school and theres drama. And that’s it.

When you’re a potential reader you need a reason to pick this book over the thousand others about high school. Who are your characters? What makes them unique or interesting? What kind of drama will they experience? What event/issue/lover affair/challenge will your characters have to overcome? I’m sure this has the potential to be a cool story, but you need to tell us why it’s cool :wink: 4/10

Without Thorns

Ida wants nothing more than to be a normal student and complete her undergraduate Art degree.
But when you’re half Fae and have visions of murderous psychopaths, normal isn’t exactly easy.

In the seaside town of Brighton, the Fae have lived hidden among humans for hundreds of years. When half-breeds start turning up dead, Ida is called in by a friend from her past to help solve the case. What they discover throws Ida into a battle of Seelie versus Unseelie, Human versus Fae, and threatens to tear her ‘normal’ life apart.


Thanks for the feedback, I definitely thought about that, but it has so many characters. Mostly like different groups, but when you really look at it, it’s a lot of characters and I couldn’t just focus on one. They all have their own drama so I didn’t know how to do that. Although maybe I could still use like three characters as an example of what it would be about. hmm…


But I did


Oh well, then maybe you should try it again, rate the latest summary and then post yours directly beneath it


Yeah focusing on maybe your favourite three characters is a good idea. You could give us a little snapshot of some of the main plot points.

e.g. High school is always a roller coaster, but for the Seniors of Layside High their last year is not going to be an easy ride. When Taylor has fallen in love with someone he shouldn’t have, Alexia is struggling to keep hold of her queen bee crown and there are dark experiments brewing in the science lab, who knows what will unfold before the year is out. – i’m sure you can do something better than that which is obs relevant to your story but theres an example of the kind of thing. :slight_smile: